My Kun Family 3nodding
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- Inuy: 2000 gaia gold
- Hell fires rain: Go Player
- Historywak: 3500 gaia gold
-ShadowKai the lostone: 1500 gaia gold - Dark skye nightmare: 3488 gaia gold
-xXAngelicPoisonXx: 38,339 gaia gold , jolly hat, Elegant Red Satin Coat
- -inebriated-sapphic: 43,000 gaia gold

burning_eyes -360 Cloud
: Long-Stem rose,Elemental Wings, lunar tunic, and 50k gaia gold

updated = Mar/15/10

updated when:
. an iteam is bought
. an iteam is doanted
. an iteam is quested

3nodding = bought
scream = questing
heart = donated

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Total Value: 6,271,651 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Shibuya Nobody
Hand Wraps 3nodding
Pandy Pack 3nodding
Ancient Katana
Outlaw Biker Pants - Coal 3nodding
The Lusty Scoundrel scream
Pirate Anchor
Red Polar Expedition Boots 3nodding
Scar of Hero 3nodding

--------------------- AVI ART!!
- by my personal artist allie (aka- AllieBananer) heart

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my b-day is DEC 19 =]
name: Pedro
age: 16
born:december 19, 1993
sports: paintball, my life :]
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pic: http://i50.tinypic.com/5oi784.jpg