Do Not Random Friend Request Me!
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Yes this is me! :3
Don't steal my pictures, Thanks!

Bonjour everyone!
Welcome to my humble profile.
My name is Saddie Spookei~
Call me Saddie, Spooky, Soubi, or Pain.
My avatar is usually always male but I am a Female!
I am but simply Twenty-Three years old~
I am a Vegan, I Murder Vegetables & Fruits while their sleeping~!
I have been a Vegan since April 2010, before that I was a Vegetarian
for Sever Years~!

I love/adore my pets~!
I have a Sixteen year old German Shepherd Dog, Named Mitzi!
She's my baby girl, my sweetheart!! I love her to bits!!
I have a Ten year old Domestic Short Hair Cat, Named Gypsy!
She's a Deviant little brat, but darling kitty! She's my darling!
I have a Ornate Box Turtle, Named Spinner!
He's one fast turtle & growing daily. He loves sitting on my shoulder.
I have a Russian Tortoise, Named Shelly!
She's so slow & so lazy indeed. She loves to soak & gorge herself on greens!

I had three Major Back Surgeries in 2011.
Two in April 2011 & One in December 2011.
All three were for Lower Lumbar Progressive Scoliosis.
From the last surgery in December it caused Chronic Pain, Great.
But I am dealing with it slowly.
Recovering slowly.
I sleep a lot or I'm at the Doctors that's why I am not on a lot.

I love all animals. :3
I adore my good friends online & offline!

I am Against Animal Cruelty!
(Stop Abusing/Hurting Animals! -growls darkly-)
I Hate Factory Farms!
I Hate Fur Farms!
(Fur is MURDER! Stop wearing Fur, leave it on the animals, wear your own!)
I Hate Hunting, Canned Hunts, & Poaching!

I Dislike, Absolutely Hate people who fake, & use other people's pictures~!
Use your own pictures.
Stop pretending to be someone else.
A good thing to find out if someone is faking, is to make them go on webcam.
Or make a sign for you.
(Writing on paper or their hand, Not adding it in there with paint.)

I've been known to be very sweet.
Though I've also been known to be very mean.
Please stay on my good side.
If you get on my bad side, we probably will no longer talk.
I will ignore you for the rest of time.

This is all for now, basically the end.
Would you like to know more?
Just ask me, or start up a conversation with me. :3

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Yes this is me! :3
Don't steal my pictures, Thanks!

I love having friends yes, but I don't enjoy Random Out of the Blue Friend Requests So, Please Refrain from that! Thank You Guys!
Please Refrain from begging from me, Thank you!
(Sometimes I randomly give away stuff, but Randomly don't beg it's Random for a Reason!

I Love:
Milky Master he's my Jelli<3 Chimera & will always be~
Doc Arkham he's my sexy Seme the abuses me when I am a bad Uke~ And I am always bad!
Sora-Silver he's my cute little Sore Wora and you gotta love submissive Sora! I whip Sora. biggrin
Divinate he's not on Gaiaonline, but I love my Divi Wivi I snuggle and love him.
(I have more to add! When more become active, but this is just who is currently active. -smirks-)

My Sexy Awesome Tumblr Called: Spookei Trees!

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R.I.P Malice!


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Report | 10/22/2014 4:04 pm


Hey there. I'm a complete newb to this, as you can tell redface . It's just that I was going through my old e-mail address and it just recently dawned on me that I'd forgotten about raii! redface . We were friends on maplestory and then I left so I ended up losing contact with everyone crying . Her Gaia account is the only trace I can find of her existence with all my internet-sleuthing techiques gonk .

Tell me, are you still in touch with her? If you are, tell her Glide would like to speak with her.

Report | 09/30/2014 7:53 am


^_^ I am awesome, I am chillin on fb like all the time... But I am very good. How your you doing my lov? ~huggles~ heart

Report | 09/26/2013 8:55 am


sadly no, but i really like it here thus far.

I am sure it will,


Its ok, I have different internet atm so I can't be sitting on as long as i used to.

Report | 09/01/2013 9:47 am


Well i am moving to TN, since i have some job prospects there, I have another freelance job
grown up job is a Graphic Designer

Report | 08/07/2013 2:43 pm


I am good, i am looking for a new job, since i will be losing it on the 17th ^^ oh well time to get a grown up job xD
Master Milky

Report | 04/01/2013 1:01 am

Master Milky

Oh I didn't do anything, I didn't even know it was Easter. surprised
Doc Arkham

Report | 03/31/2013 9:38 pm

Doc Arkham

Gimme my Malakai back!
Doc Arkham

Report | 03/26/2013 7:03 am

Doc Arkham

Why does Gaia say it's your birthday again?

Oh I should be able to rp today. I did all my fiancé stuff yesterday. Waxed her entire body, painteds her nails, foot rub, hand massage, etc. @_@
Rod Steelrail

Report | 03/26/2013 2:58 am

Rod Steelrail

You're most welcome and I saw that your bday just passed so I'll give ya something a lil extra.

The event is going alright for me.
How about you?
Rod Steelrail

Report | 03/26/2013 2:52 am

Rod Steelrail

Thank you I try.


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I am thunder
I am rain
I am pleasure
I am pain

I've had 3 Major Back Surgeries in One Year,
My recent one December 13th 2011, I am now Recovering~ !