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Patrick generally likes...

o1. Speaking in third person
o2. Arrogance
o3. Bagpipes
o4. History
o5. Roleplaying
o6. Flaming
o7. Drinking
o8. Sex
o9. Popsicle - Scribblers
1o. Wood fires
11. The smell of gas stations
12. Incense
13. Leather
14. Climbing trees
15. Gardening
16. The smell of livestock. Srsly.
17. Riding
18. D/S
19. Electricity
2o. Fishing
21. Dog training
22. Writing

Patrick also likes...

o1. Traveling
o2. Intelligence
o3. Art
o4. Languages
o5. Math
o6. Logic
o7. Strategy
o8. 7th Sea
o9. Common sense
1o. Computers and the internet
11. Driving
12. Tea
13. Coffee
14. The colour orange
15. Theatre
16. Rain
17. Night
18. Weaponry
19. Architecture
2o. Blood
21. Scars
22. Sarcasm, snark, and irony
23. Storms
24. Tornadoes
25. Cussing
26. Activists
27. Spiders
28. Most animals (except koalas. They some little bitches)

Patrick likes countries...

o1. France
o2. Scotland
o3. Russia
o4. Spain
o5. United Kingdom

Patrick sometimes likes...

o1. Comics
o2. Sports
o3. Games (Board, console, head, whatever)
o4. Booze
o5. Goths
o6. Alcohol
o7. Amphetamines
o8. Scotch
o9. Pot

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Just so you know.

Patrick ... Ffaux Pas

First things first:

Don't judge him before you get to know him.

Listening to what other people say, or assuming things based on what you might think you see, just proves you're an idiot. Try to refrain from stooping to that level. If you want to talk with him, do it. Don't hide in the shadows and think about how fun it might be to engage in conversation. Carpe diem!

He's only as intimidating as you make him out to be.


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Irvine Welsh

I'd always done a lot of (sniffing) glue as a kid. I was very interested in glue, and then I went to lager and speed, and I drifted into heroin because as a kid growing up everybody told me, 'don't smoke marijuana, it will kill you...'

Ye always want what ye cannae have, and things ye dinnae gie a toss aboot get handed to ye oan a plate.

The first job of a writer is to be honest.

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ii_Skull_candii Report | 01/07/2008 8:53 am
are you irish? if you are i thought id tell you so am i but im here now so kill two birds with one stone!(cruel i know!)
Adrian White Report | 12/16/2007 10:12 am
Adrian White
Oops, that was ~Dameon Grey~ by the way User Image
Adrian White Report | 12/16/2007 10:11 am
Adrian White
Spiders are beautiful, rap is painful, I have my own guild and do not allow the misuse of they're there their were we're where it's its your you're etc. XD Madrid is my favorite in spain, aaaaand do you train doggies? O_O I happen to love dogs @.@ quite possibly in an unhealthy manner ^w^

Oh oh and yes fast food is puke @.x
Tiawolf Report | 12/12/2007 7:09 am
Thanks for inviting me to the guild! It's really cool unfortunatly I haven't been able to get the computer to myself long enough for me to post anything -_-'
Gag Me With A Spoon Report | 08/25/2007 2:04 pm
Gag Me With A Spoon
<div style="width: 100%; text-align:justify;">o__O</div>
Kamari Nailo Report | 07/16/2007 12:12 pm
Kamari Nailo
    xD Ahaha.

    Spoon. That's not funny.

    x3 Kidkid.

    Mweh. :]
Gag Me With A Spoon Report | 07/15/2007 4:51 pm
Gag Me With A Spoon
<div style="width: 100%; text-align:justify;">XD My friend adopted a kitten on Saturday.

She named her (they think it's a her...) PattyWhack.

That tickled my funny bone.
+[Sanity]+ Report | 07/14/2007 11:37 pm
Gag Me With A Spoon Report | 07/09/2007 11:38 pm
Gag Me With A Spoon
<div style="width: 100%; text-align:justify;">xD Is it wrong that I visit this page if only to see the sad little kitten?</div>
Juniper.Rose Report | 07/07/2007 10:09 am
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Every time you masturbate...

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God kills a kitten.

(Only the ugly ones, though.)

Patrick is not a fan of...

o1. Sweaters
o2. Empty tea cups
o3. Steven King
o4. Buying an album for one song, then discovering all the other songs suck
o5. Ice
o6. The phone
o7. Fast food

Patrick doesn't care for...

o1. Constant headaches
o2. Final Fantasy XII
o3. Insects
o4. Popcorn
o5. Salt and butter
o6. Sweets
o7. Cantaloupe
o8. Shellfish
o9. Shrimp
1o. Bills
11. Children
12. Wankers
13. Romantic Comedies
14. Rap
15. RandB
16. Most pop
17. Migraines
18. Use of alot
19. Misuse of your vs you're, there, their, they're, etc
2o. Cats
21. Koalas (They still some little bitches)
22. Fangirls
23. Cowards
24. People who get their feelings hurt easily

Patrick's Music Interests...

And One Apoptygma Berzerk Covenant Colony 5 Code64 Iris Wolfsheim Beborn Beton Front 242 Front Line Assembly Funker Vogt KMFDM Kompressor VNV Nation INXS The Beatles Crosby Stills Nash and Young Elton John Emerson Lake and Palmer Fleetwood Mac Tom Petty The Who Pink Floyd Led Zeppelin Concrete Blonde David Bowie Dream Theater Duran Duran Evil's Toy Jimmy Eat World Muse Dar Williams Gordon Lightfoot Webb Wilder Bob Marley Les Cowboys Fringants TMBG Cake Andy M Stewart (Silly Wizard) Chieftains Christy Moore Dropkick Murphys Flogging Molly Gaelic Storm Great Big Sea Seven Nations Simon Fraser University Pipeband little feat Deine Lakaien Anything else Celtic classic rock bluegrass punk and ebm jazz classical or loud

Creepy Mofos...

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