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I'm done with this crap. ಠ_ಠ


F.uck this s.hit; I'm out. ಠ_ಠ

I highly doubt anybody is going to find this account since I usually never post in any forums, but if you did, congrats I guess.

The only reason/way you probably found my account is most likely due to my art. If you want to talk to me about my art and all the stuff, I'm going to be here until I either lose interest in this site or it goes down. So, just send me a private message or message me in Unison League (202707947 cool .

If you want your avatar drawn by me, I'm probably going to decline since I don't want to come back to this sh*t hole of hackers and scammers again. ^ u ^

Bye bye~~

- Elli (Pacifal) [ 04/10/08 ~ 04/10/16 ]

If you want to know why (rant sh*t)...

I left because, well, I'm just tired of scammers and hackers.

My original purpose for this site was to just draw and make people happy since I enjoy drawing (since it's a total stress reliever) and also make a bunch of cute avis. razz

But once I got hacked for the second time (and I am tired of this bullsh*t) and since the reporting system here is absolute crap, I think it's time for me to just drift off from this site and move on somewhere else where I am more happy.

Also, you. Yes, you. You should know who you are. I know that you scammed me and I just brushed it off my shoulder since I already wasn't giving a sh*t about this site anymore and just wanted to de-stress. But really? You could have been honest with me rather than just pilling a bunch of bullsh*t upon bullsh*t. I'm only frustrated at you because I dislike unfaithful people who break promises (and typing this makes me feel better >:u). I thought I could trust you since I've done drawings for you, but you decided to drop contact with me for months. To me, I believed that you were just busy, so I decided to let you just redeem yourself. But instead, you just asked for more and I decided to give you one more chance. However, just like before, you dropped all contact and disappeared. Now, if you just happened to just read this all, please, please, don't f.ucking contact me again.Because once you sent me that PM, I already counted that as a request and not a freebie and with requests, I draw for long hours straight continuously for days just so that the commissioner can get piece ASAP and is satisfied with the quality of the work. But I guess you just see me as a a machine that gives out good quality freebies. >>>:U

Yes, I know, I could have reported or messaged you. However, I believed that you would have been faithful and actually do your part of the request, rather than run away (and that pisses the sh*t out of me ya cuck.=_= Also the reason behind this whoooollle rant).

Now that I'm done my rant and feel much better, I hope you understand.

- Elli (Pacifal)

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