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Birthday: 09/11

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Some say the world is a battlefeild. I say it's my playground!

Hellur there! My name might be Bree, and I might be fourteen. i live somewhere on this earth, but i'm not telling you where! i have the bestest boyfriend ever. I love you Kevin, I'm so glad I met you <3. Anywhoooo I like to read and write, i also like to draw and listen to music. Climbing trees makes me feel tall. I'm a really shy person around people i don't know, but once i'm comfortable, i'm a total dork. :p. I love Kevin, batman, unicorns, i have an obsession with the color purple. and starbucks, plus candy, equals life. ^_^ Rawr. I'm a sweetheart when i want to be. So message me! But no meanies allowed!! :]


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