Hey. This is Abbey. I Know Your Confused. This Is Still Peanut's Account, [To Some Of You Know Her Name Is Hannah] But Guess What. Hannah And I Are Now Sharing This Account!! Hannah Thinks That Its Best If We Both Take Care Of This Account. To Keep The Bad Guys Out. ;D So Please...Don't Judge. By The Way, My Real Account, [Abbey's] Is iCookieJar. So If You See Me Being Peanut, It Can Be Either Me Or Hannah. So When You See Us Say H Or A? That Will Make It Easier, So Goodbye?

Imma Hannah.....yea....This be my third account. My first account was hannahbelle925 [add me!]. My seconds one was hacked by a nutcase! [Hannah Banana Fofana]

If you look at my user, yes, I AM a PEANUT BUTTER fan. I am ALSO a fan of "Its Peanut Butter Jelly Time" song. ;) What a shocker huh?

You can follow me at my youtube account, [mylifein30seconds]. ADD ME! Here's ah link: http://www.youtube.com/user/mylifein30seconds?feature=mhum

Now let's get to the facts, IT'S TIME:

1: What's yo name: Hannah XD
How old are you: non of yo bizz XP
2: Where do you live: y on earth would i tell you tht?!?!?!
3: What's your fave snack: PB 'nd J! XXXD
4: What's yo fave food: uhh...PB ND J??
5: What's your fav band: i has tons!!! Paramore nd Flyleaf
6: Fave song: Brick by Boring Brick by Paramore [If you don't kno this song, click this link: http://www.youtube.com/user/mylifein30seconds?feature=mhum#p/f/81/A63VwWz1ij0
7: more questions: suure...;3
8: Fave radio station: 101.7 The Beach
9: Fave Emoticon: ;3
10: Is That IT: Yes.

T-T-T-That's all folks!

Fave Link: Killerjo.com

P.S. Hannah Banana Fofana was not the person who hacked me. That account was the one tht got hcked...I just wante du people to kno...;3

Amazing art for meh!
Art by red jun (some while I was still AnG3L 0f HeAv3n):

User Image

User Image

User Image
As seen in my siggy! :3

Thanks alot for the art red jun!!!!! heart

Follow me on Youtube.com!


On my Multimedia below, it won't play the song. Easiest way is to click on the search bar and search Brick by Boring Brick and or crushcrushcrush. You can also look up anything else you like. Thts all....;3




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Hey its Levioleur im back on gaia this is my new account
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Hannah. I miss you.

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love ur avi!!!

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Thanks so much for buying! whee
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Awkwardly Silenced

Hmm.... You better be sorry. Ahaha, Just kidding, you.
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Animal Alpha

Ohh... COOL!! biggrin
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Animal Alpha

Heyyy biggrin D
I'm Good, Wbu? C:

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Hannah Were You Hacked?? Again??

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A or H? :]