Holy gravy, my s**t is WAAAAAAYYYY out of date... Don't mind me, it'll take a bit before I'm back in the swing of things

My new nick name is Mookie-Pookie Bear stare Thanks Mistress ^_^

I've decided to post my current (to the nearest 1k) gold count in my profile, just because I'm proud of it 3nodding I've finally beaten 1M mark
Current Gold Count : wink

Thank you :
Mistress of Darkness89 - Just being a good friend and helping me out whenever she can ^^ You're the best Mistress ^^

Quest #1 (Kiki Kitty)
Bloodstainsoul - 6k
missing-angel-josline - 6k

Quest #2 (Angelic Pendant)
Vision of Joy Charity - 7k
Wicked Charity - 1k
].[yumi-chan].[ - 9.5k
Jessy_messy - 4k
Zepharin - 1k
A Scarlet Nightmare - 5.75k
Isalace - Framed Gaia Artwork #14
neodyuist - 1.5k

~*~*~*NOW ADOPTING GAIANS!!!*~*~*~
Owned by : my Mistress of Darkness and Kally
Owns : Cloud-Strife85, my puppy ^_^


I'm worth ~776,826,791,442!!


This is according to tektek.org. Check out my journal.

I'm your average human that lives in Alaska. I'm going to dispel some common misconceptions, the first being I am not an Eskimo. I don't live in an igloo, nor do I own a polar bear/penguin (penguins don't even live in the Arctic), and I don't ride a dog sled. Now that that's covered, I'll tell you a bit about me. I'll read just about anything, but I prefer fantasy novels. I'm a huge fan of MANY different things, in fact, I'm at least partially knowledgeable on most fandoms, and would love it if you told me about any that you're in. What ship are you on wink

In other words, I'm a huge nerd :XP: If you've got a question for me, or know of a good book/show/author/movie, hit me up, I welcome random chat sessions with random people. Hell, its how I acquired most of my friends, and its a great way to meet new people ^_^

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Mistress of Darkness88

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Mistress of Darkness88

~*~*Sneak in*~*~ "......" *~*licks your face*~*

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Mistress of Darkness88

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Mistress of Darkness88

heart How's my sexy lil psycho? heart
-markymarks The Hobo

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-markymarks The Hobo

alrighty then g'night biggrin
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-markymarks The Hobo

An Irish guy in cleveland who gets in with the mob and later on starts gang wars with a s**t ton of different mafioso's. good story, from the guy that did 'The Departed'
-markymarks The Hobo

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-markymarks The Hobo

well I guess I'll look out for them then. I watched 'Kill the Irishman' last night. ******** Amazing,
-markymarks The Hobo

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-markymarks The Hobo

hmm don't know if i've seen those
-markymarks The Hobo

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Same neutral
-markymarks The Hobo

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-markymarks The Hobo

eek no it can't be!!
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-markymarks The Hobo

>.< this may be true
-markymarks The Hobo

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-markymarks The Hobo

chillin. just ate taco bell. biggrin


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