☁ ~Yazz/Yasu~Scorpio~Female~European~ ☁
hello im a little kawaii piece of weeaboo s**t
pink, frilly things, kawaii things, gaming, anime, being a weeaboo, food, photography, oversized sweaters, acting cute, sweet candy, sour patches, pink cotton candy, chatting, k-pop [lets talk about k-pop!], painting my nails, pastel colors, drawing, listening to music, final fantasy, dark souls, yooouuuuu
people who dont accept other people because of their race, gender, sexuality, religion etc, okay i also don't like to drink milk ew, spicy food, i dont really like meat because idk, er okay bye

send me a comment to talk?~

☁ Yes, I do have some good grammar in this mind of mine. I just like typing like that. ☁

Art people have drawn for me:
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