Ello Dollface.. ;D

My name is Dina
Im 18 years old
Middle-eastern,asian,and hispanic
cakeday= October 21;;
I live in CT..;D
poetry and music=<3
plays 4 instruments
Is in COLLEGE! SCSU! <3...=]
loves neon colors and drawings
Life is her amor.. :]..
loves Donations and Donates atimes
does ceramics and sculpture
Studying to be a SPEECH PATHOLOGIST. Oh yeah. ;D
Rock music is her soul
wants world peace..=]
kind to everyone she meets
can sing your heart out
theater is what i breath
loves her curly hairr..
Speaks spanish,french...
and a little german
wants to travel the world!
scared to fall inlove..
scared of makeing decessions
then regreting them.
Never forgets her past
but always looks ahead
escapes the world with writing
Loves to Read anything
Has lied about many things
Regrets each one..
Shes changing day by day
Has a very soft gentle heart
Wants to live her life to the FULLEST.
Spread Peace. Not Hate.
bye! =DDD

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Poetry and Avi Art <3

Have fun reading! ^^

Title is self-explanatory.



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P i x ii e S t i c k

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P i x ii e S t i c k


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Thanks! I like yours too.

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God I know, it's ridiculous. Why did you stop coming on??

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Uuum since either 'o6 or 'o7, about five years :3

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Much obliged! I dig yours too! ^_^

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Wow, why haven't you been on in so long?!? I could never go that long without Gaia.
I don't find it creepy at all, it's actually rather endearing.
And I layered demonic style with alrunas rose 3nodding

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Why thank ya! And hellloooo to you to blaugh
le Clique

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le Clique

Well I did make a new account x:
le Clique

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le Clique

Not rlly
ive been a gaian for two years o:
le Clique

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le Clique

Thank you . Your avi is very nice as well :3