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The Royal Kingdom

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You're challenged by Royal Kingdom Grunt, Jessie!

That's right! >:3
I'm Jessie.
But instead of trying to whip out your weak-a** pokemon references, you should join me and the rest of the army in 12oyal's Kingdom.

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Have you ever noticed how different tangerines are from apples? How an apple has a thin shell because it's tough enough on the inside to protect itself. But, a tangerine has to have a think shell to keep it's fragile inside from being smashed into mush. Sure, fruit aren't very tough to begin with, but from the perspective of those fruit, they're tough enough.
Now to relate them to people~ Some of us actually possess the inner strength so that a thick shell would be useless. But, some of us like to pretend that we're strong, but only possess a mushy inside. And there are also those of us who, like strawberries or grapes, are just weak all the way around. Which do you think you are? And apple? A tangerine? Or a strawberry?
I am quite the tangerine. I'd like to believe that I am a strong person. I am actually very capable of making others believe that I'm an apple, and sometimes myself. But like a brutal slap to the face, I'm incredibly weak when my peel is torn. I guess if you got right down to it, I'm one of those tangerines that's a b***h to peel. But once you do, is so easy to chew up. Not very many people peel me enough to chew on me anymore, but a few still break through. Usually, it's when I let them and they betray me.
But enough about that! My name is Kaitlyn, or Kaitee, and I'm a seventeen year old girl stuck in a rotten place. No, I'm not a rebellious teenager bent on revenge. I just don't like this state. At all. After college, I'm heading straight to Washington. I love to write, play video games, read, sing (when no one's around), and spend time with my friends. Things I don't love, however, are cleaning, homework, liars, and stupid people. In fact, I'm quite the b***h to liars and stupid people. Why? Because they deserve it.
Other than the stupid people and liars part, I am very tolerant of beliefs, races, nationalities, genders, persuasions, religions, etc. I believe that everyone has the right to be an individual and shouldn't be treated poorly for that right. (I know it's a long shot, but...) This world would be a much better place if more people would just accept each other... And not be idiotic. Idiocy can be prevented. It just takes effort that many refuse to put forth.
Don't be afraid to talk to me. But if you're overly obnoxious and/or annoying, I won't hesitate to tell you. And just FYI: I'm not going to date you, I don't accept random friend requests, and I don't donate. Toodles~
Note: I will be on my other accoutn, Stuh-Arr, more often now due to complications with my trading pass. So if you see that account around the forums or towns, it is me. :3

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