I'm Ozzy. I see everyone as an individual, so here are some things that describe me! owo

- Gaia was the reason I started writing a book series in my teens, and it remains my life goal to finish it. I'm still here for that, nostalgia, my friends, outfits, and chatting with folks~

- Offline I'm mostly quiet, but with the right person and mood I can be very talkative! I’m on at least twice a day, so feel free! I respond quickly and usually with lots to say, gwaha :{3

- On Gaia I mostly chat with my fraaands, come up with purple/black male-base-only outfits, hang with random people in virtual spaces, or maybe make a big thread in SF. ninja

- Outside of Gaia, I love writing, video games, conversation, thinking freely, non-annoying internet, porn, anti social justice content (enjoy The_Donald, Milo Yiannopoulos and Jordan Peterson), decorating my office/man cave, and listening to my music when I'm out walking~

- I’m attracted to both sexes, but prefer males almost to the point of not even looking at females. I find the world lacking in expressing the male form just as beautiful as the other, and plan to balance it out myself with male/male relationships in my books. Oh so many<3

- I've got some less-common opinions and problems that sometimes make me feel isolated. But with the help of my friends here (and those who go against the grain on youtube/the internet in general), I try to understand that there really are people who feel just like I do. My best online friends have always been there for me and I wanna be there for them too.

- I hate divisiveness, arguments from emotion, interpretations claiming to be facts, default/unearned merit (as if I should care), all hype/fandoms/prides, and prepackaged beliefs/opinions (especially with identity politics). Life is just a ride; I’m not impressed by anything anymore. So all those things just feel like big wastes of time to me. Also don't particularly like feeling stuck. Always gotta stay caught up and keep moving forward! pirate

- I don't like using labels outside of 'person,' 'human' or people's names. I find labels pointlessly divisive; always leading to petty semantics and group think. Too often just used to be trendy/for attention because the person has nothing else going for them. I never use them to describe myself, and roll my eyes whenever I hear people use them instead of just ‘people.’ No seriously, [********] labels. Especially the ones you like. Even those divide people.

- I don’t role play. I'm more interested in writing books and just being me! 24/7, Always~

- If we don't talk enough or our personalities just don't fit, I'll simply remove you. Sorry :[

- Oh, and my sex is male. Just like all my avatars/characters in games. It's nice being true to myself, biology and let my undying love for glorious male character design run wild! <3

- All my preferences & opinions are going in my books. And nothing will stop me. >:{3