Yah. for all those ppl who think that snake bites are emo, go suck a d**k!!!! no

but seriously i'm not emo i'm scene and skater so go deal with it biotches!!

but yea ppl ask me if that's me on my profile, why in all ******** hell would i put a

picture of someone else on my damn profile!?!?!?!? think about wat u ask b4

u ******** ask it! but yah that's me if u want to talk to me fine if u don't.... ********

OFF!!!! but yah im 16 now and i'm a little weird...i am happily taken with a boi

named ryan...... but yah i'm almost to the limit to where i am overly populated

with friends so add meh b4 it's too late!!!!!!! but yah... u gotta <333 me. i mean

c'mon........ i changed my hair if u havnt noticed!!!!! and i look different in almost

every picture..... so that is me u ******** assholes!!!!!