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Ha Ha Hiya,
Love to all Jokers out there!!! Keep up the good work and get that Batman!! I would like to give an extra thank you to someone that gave a lot to the role Heath Ledger, thank you Heath! And now after seeing the movie I can say that he has done a wonderful job at it and has made the movie a huge success. oh he also looks awsome in a dress...hehehahahahahaha!!!
Love Love
Harley Quinn

P. S.
"I'd just to like to say, if there were no Batman, there'd be no Joker and I never woulda met my Puddin'! Thank you, Batman!"


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my letters

Hiya reader These are some letters to Red that I wanna share with you. love ya HARLEY



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JeIlyBean Report | 06/15/2009 4:32 am
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No Cheap Thrill Report | 12/25/2008 4:34 pm
No Cheap Thrill
Merry Christmas, Harley. Hope it is good, enjoy your mistletoe, just don't come near me with it.
_XiMisa Report | 12/17/2008 1:50 pm
*head pops*
_XiMisa Report | 12/14/2008 11:04 am
dont mind me....i would have gaven you my joker hat but i sold it.....every harley needs that hat afterall ^^
_XiMisa Report | 12/11/2008 7:07 pm
ll Account not in use ll Report | 11/28/2008 7:10 am
ll Account not in use ll
-Glares- Harley Quinn. They should learn to keep a nutso like you locked up.

[Because of the current, and frankly AWESOME situation I'm in right now, I feel I'm obligated to talk to you. Hello.]
marlesinsanity Report | 10/18/2008 11:03 pm
oooh! i just noticed that you have a lot of quotes from "the Killing Joke." I like that one, it's one of my favourites. I love the story about the two escapees and the flashlight. AH HA! aaaaand you're a Sweeney Todd fan! brilliant, my dear!
marlesinsanity Report | 09/22/2008 6:54 pm
i love Harley Quinn by the way. and i love your background.
The White Duke of Death Report | 09/18/2008 3:09 pm
The White Duke of Death
I mean in trms of on gaia
The White Duke of Death Report | 09/18/2008 12:15 pm
The White Duke of Death
she told me she misses you.


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"I'm crazy about... Well, I'm just crazy."

"See, there were these two guys in a lunatic asylum...and one night, one night they decide they don't like living in an asylum any more. They decide they're going to escape! So, like, they get up onto the roof and there, just across this narrow gap, they see the rooftops of the town, stretching away in the moonlight...stretching away to freedom. Now, the first guy, he jumps right across with no problem. But his friend, his friend daredn't make the leap. Y'see...y'see, he's afraid of falling. So then, the first guy has an idea...He says 'Hey! I have my flashlight with me! I'll shine it across the gap between the buildings. You can walk along the beam and join me!' B-but the second guy just shakes his head. He suh-says... he says 'What do you think I am? Crazy? You'd turn it off when I was half way across!'" - Batman: The Killing Joke

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Hobos and Tramps, Cross-eyed mosquitoes and bowlegged ants. I come before you, to stand before you, to tell you a story I know nothing about. One bright morning in the middle of the night two dead fellows stood up to fight. They stood back to back, facing each other, drew their swords and shot each other. If you don't believe my lie, it's true, ask the blind lady on the corner, she saw it too." -Emperor Joker

They could put me in a helicopter and fly me up into the air and line up the bodies head to toe on the ground in delightful geometric patterns like an endless June Taylor dancers routine—and it would never be enough. No, I don’t keep count. But you do. And I love you for it." - Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

"All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man alive to lunacy. That's how far the world is from where I am. Just one bad day. You had a bad day once. Am I right? You had a bad day and everything changed" - Batman: The Killing Joke

"Ladies and Gentlemen! You've read about it in the papers! Now witness, before your very eyes, that most rare and tragic of natures mistakes! I give you: the average man. Physically unremarkable, it instead possesses a deformed set of values. Notice the hideously bloated sense of humanity's importance. Also note the club-footed social conscience and the withered optimism. It's certainly not for the squeamish, is it? Most repulsive of all, are its frail and useless notions of order and sanity. If too much weight is placed upon them... they snap. How does it live, I hear you ask? How does this poor pathetic specimen survive in todays harsh and irrational environment? I'm afraid the sad answer is, "Not very well". Faced with the inescapable fact that human existence is mad, random, and pointless, one in eight of them crack up and go stark slavering buggo! Who can blame them? In a world as psychotic as this... any other response would be crazy!" - Batman: The Killing Joke

"Madness is the emergency exit. You can just step outside, and close the door on all those dreadful things that happened. You can lock them away... forever." - Batman: The Killing Joke

"In my dream, the world had suffered a terrible disaster. A black haze shut out the sun, and the darkness was alive with the moans and screams of wounded people. Suddenly, a small light glowed. A candle flickered into life, symbol of hope for millions. A single tiny candle, shining in the ugly dark. I laughed and blew it out."

hehehaha hohehaha, oh wow, I can't believe that you just scroled all the way down here, sucker!!