This Is Me.

Hey Hey This Is Elizabeth (_OmgeeitsLizzyy_)His Gaian Sister,Hacking This Kids Gaia.
His Name Is Alberto.(Our Friend Alberto)
Age:14 Nt 15 Hhaah.
Came Into This World On November 21.
This Kid Is Hella Sweet So Talk to Him.
He Is Gnna Be Rich Trust me.
This Kid Like To Play Video Games,The Wii,Gaia,Play Football,And Hang With His Friends.
He Hates:Mean People,Girls Tht Say They Are Gonna Report Him For Not Going Out With Him,Tomatoes,Pickles,Onions,Mosquitos,Bugs&& People Who Have No Sense Of Humor.
Kay Ima Head Out Now.June 3,2O1O.1:55 P.M(: