So what I've got a short attention span
A coke in my hand
Because I'd rather have the afternoon, relax and understand
My hip hop and flip-flops well it don't stop with the light rock
A shot to mock you kinda puts me in the tight spot

The hype is nothing more than hoo-ha so, I'm
Developing a language and I'm callin' it my own
So take a peek into the speaker and you'll see what I mean
That on the other side the grass is greener!

User Image
By IShotJon of Shuffle Box Arts.
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User Image

About Me.

Hi, I'm Nothing-Chan, Noth, Vixy or 'THAT' person! I'm a random and hyper person, but yes, I can stand still and be quiet when needed. I do not suffer from ADHD, I enjoy it. I'm happy all the time, silly little things make me laugh and i've been off meds for 9 years! XD But the meds left me some problems the biggest being short term memory. And on a site like Gaia where everything changes ever second I can get really confused. @w@; So don't be surprised if you PM me and I ask 'who the hell are you?'

Right, so heres some FYI. enjoy.

AGE: 20
GENDER: Female
STATUS: In an AWESOME realetionship. 3nodding heart
HOBBIES: Art, games, photography, Costume design, Watching Animetions from around the world, Cosplaying and Con hopping.

I've got my hands in alot of different art styles and enjoy learning new ones. I'm still new to Digi Art and i'm improving everyday. :3 DA

I own a dog. I little fluffy ankle-biter! XD His names Rascal and he's a Long Haired Chihuahua which are the BEST small dogs EVER!!!
He's between 9 and 12 years old. He's a rescue and they didn't really know his age. He LOVES being around people, going to the Markets and visting Art Gallerys. He ALMOST Passed the Therapy Dog Test. One of the tests is being around other dogs, Rascal has a fear of other dogs and he offten takes the Fight rather then the Flight because he's try to protect me. But sometimes he's totaly okay with another dog. He'll be nice to a Lab and turn around and go after a Bull Terri.

He's only bit one person, a guy who was trying to steal him from his basket on my bike. The guy didn't take Rascals seatbelt off and it made him mad. XD He knows he's to STAY PUT while the seatbelt is on and he thought he'd get in trouble with me.

Rascals own Picture Gallery! Here!

User Image

User Image

This is my Fursona; The Flying Fox! I will be at as many cons and anime fests as possible!

This fursona started as a jacket with cheap devil wings stuck on. Then, I got a grey fox tail, cool fox hats, more grey tails, New black angel wings, an aviator hat, Beer Googles, Red & White chibi wings, a brown tail, a flashing blue collar, BUTTONS!!! and minions. >:3

COSPLAYS: FlyingFox (above), Steampunk Pirate, Sebastian Michaelis From Kuroshistuji and NEAR.

I'm working on a Cooro cosplay from +Anima.


Rocky Moutain Fur Con

Kawa Kon

Neko Con

Fave quote(s).
A random window in the mall, "Ah, Compention. The Kittens of my bone marrow are pleased! Inside we hope for snails or the shattered dreams of dinnerrolls!" -unknown and crazy. X3

Cheers to you, cheers to me.
Best friends we'll always be.
If we should ever Disagree.
Then ******** you and cheers to me!-Me

I'm Happy Everyday, As I Walk Around The Block!
Happy Everyday, Yes I Don't Wanna Stop!!
I'm Happy Everyday, As I Drink A Cup Of Tea!!
Yes I'm Happy Everyday, Don't You Wanna Be Like Me?! -My motto and theam song. Because we all need one. =D

-Raves-Angel- -sister-
darksithya -sister-

-Offical Fan of my Page-
Shakespearean Quotations! <3

User Image

I'm sick of it people, oh and nice try hackers. god you people suck.
I know the Gaian Mod-Gods can do ANYTHING without my password, stop asking for it and work your a** off like the rest of us. Try and scam me one more time, I DARE YOU.


Some minds wander, some go for full on collisions.

I'm not crazy, just a little absent-minded.



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Donte Kage

Report | 12/20/2014 3:11 pm

Donte Kage

hay hun its hayden long time no talk to how ya been hun.

Report | 06/11/2013 7:35 pm


Ah, darn. I need to find out how to buy a debit card or something because I literally have eighty bucks under my mattress and have done nothing with them. uvu Maybe one day I will hope to commission you again.

Report | 04/27/2013 7:22 pm


Yo hey, you still alive? I hope so. I think about three years ago, when I was a noob and my art was piss-poor, you redrew an alien girl for me. Do you still do art requests and s**t? If your... still there of course. Man, I don't want to sound grabby or anything, just, ha, you had really good art then, it's probably amazing now... And I have so many OC's. *sighs*

Report | 07/02/2012 7:23 pm


Ehehehe, I know you ;D

Report | 06/12/2011 8:28 am


Hay, been a few years huh? If you remember who I am, kudos to you! I think last time I saw saw you I was 15~, maybe~? Oh well, watching you on DA as ShayleGhoul, lets see if you remember me!
Tuuli Thea Ver

Report | 04/12/2011 12:43 am

Tuuli Thea Ver

Hi. You probably don't remember me, but I got two art commissions from you a while back. I don't remember at all where I got them other than they have your signature on them. But what I was really wondering is if you were still taking commishs? I'm in dire need of some anthro art for my new OC and I can't find anyone as good as you...

I can pay you with a Zodiacal, Inari's Beads, The Nightmare, or a few other large items (those three are my biggest, though). Whatever it will take. I'm desperate.

Report | 01/12/2011 10:44 am


thanks for the tip ^^
The Nickel In Your Couch

Report | 01/02/2011 6:56 pm

The Nickel In Your Couch

Only time of year i'm aloud to drink, and the only time I want to.
The Nickel In Your Couch

Report | 12/31/2010 10:13 pm

The Nickel In Your Couch

Shakespearean Quotations

Report | 12/21/2010 2:37 pm

Shakespearean Quotations

I love the music.
You should send mail btw...


[b:68e5ee5499]SEEKING PROFILE DESIGNER! GOOD PAY! [/size:68e5ee5499][/color:68e5ee5499]
(Look at my Avie, i'm not sh!tting you about the pay.)[/size:68e5ee5499]

Interrested? Then go HERE.[/color:68e5ee5499][/align:68e5ee5499][/b:68e5ee5499]