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About My Role Play Character

Greetings, Thy tis named Otsoa Utsaha.
Thy tis wolf demon. Since thy twas a young pup thy hast lived in the human realm, thy hast attended human teachings and things of the short, my ears and tail hast not grown in till around the human age of 18, by then I hast already obtained that piece of parchment stating I hast graduated from that level of education. I had moved on to college though thy had grown ears and a tail I had told lies stating they were fake until I mastered hiding them. At around the age of 22 I seemed to have stopped aging.
Hast been since long ago since thy hast refrained from the aging process, of course not to my own accord thy shall hast you know a least that amount. In the age of humans thy tis 22 years of age, in the years of demons thy tis far older but tis much younger than this Earth. Thus far thy hast not been affined to any persons, however thy shalt be no one's baggage, tis not how thy does things. Thy holds fast onto her pride, in the field of battle thy tis not a recreant, do understand thy shalt not give any forms of advocacy to thou, in addition thy tis not self-subdued, ye shalt inquire one hell of time with thee. Weather thy be beaten, tortured, mutilated, and so fourth I shalt give any advocacy. Any attempt made against thee shall be met with retaliation. Thy accepts any consequences that shalt appear when thy squares off against any persons and those that come with being squared off against.

~ ~ ~ ~

Basque Country:
A region spanning an area of Northeastern Spain, and Southwestern France. The country was Romanized in the 2nd through 1st century BCE.

~ ~ ~ ~

Name: Otsoa Utsaha
Age: 22
Birthday: May 22nd
Home Land: Basque Country (Navarre)
Race: Wolf Demon
Height: 5'4
Weight: 138LBS
Weapon: Katana
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
User Type: Elemental
+Water (Ice,Steam,Water,Snow,ect..)

+Enhaced Speed
+Enhaned Strength
+Keen Eye
+Enhaned Sight (Includes Night Vision)
+Enhaned Smell
+Enhaned Hearing
+Sixth Sense

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