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Basic Info
Hi, I'm Torii. I'm 28 (as of March 24th, 2023), and I'm from San Diego, CA, but I live in Louisiana now.
Views/Ideas I Like:
-Agnostic Christian- I believe in the fundamental aspects of Christianity (i.e. Creationism, Jesus being God, etc.), but I believe in the possibility of being wrong, since there's no way to prove it.
-Anti-Medicine- I'm all about the natural ways of healing, i.e. nutrition, herbalism, ujjayi breathing, reflexology, etc.
-Natural Beauty- I'm anti-makeup, anti-weave, basically anti-anything fake.
-I'm really into psychology in general, but I really like the Big Five Personality Traits and Meyers-Briggs (I'm an ENTP). I look up things related to psychology in my spare time.
My Defining Personality Characteristics:
-Very blunt and straight-forward
-Logical thinker, but still pretty outside-of-the-box
-Easily irritated, but I hold no grudges.
-Very outgoing and social
-Open to new experiences (as long as they make sense) and people
-Singing and listening to music in general
-Drawing: http://www.deviantart.com/?qh=┬žion=&global=1&q=otoriio
-Graphic Design
-Video Games- I love The Sims

I'm no longer really active on Gaia, but I check on it every once in a while.



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Childish Intellect Report | 11/05/2014 8:08 pm
Childish Intellect
I really enjoyed your "About Me" section, I wish more girls were like you when it came to all the weave, makeup, and implants or what not... I'm glad that are still young women in the world who enjoy natural beauty instead of all this non-genuine crap.
assburger Report | 09/08/2014 5:27 pm
omg you're super pretty
I The Author I Report | 05/01/2011 7:17 pm
I The Author I
Exactly what I thought lol.Yeah, it's most likely the Wii. We tried our friends' Wii remotes, but those didn't work either. So it has to be the Wii.

Lol no, never. I'm flagging that video lol.

I think he was in Limbo, because that top never did stop spinning. But he didn't care that he was there cuz he could finally see and be with his kids. Besides, before that scene, remember when he was at the table with the old Japanese guy, and the Japanese guy said something like "I'm an old man filled with regret"? He spun the top and it didn't stop, so the Japanese guy picked up the pistol off the table and shot himself in the head, because he knew that he was in Limbo and he realized he needed to get out. And you have to kill yourself to get out of the LImbo, so it only makes sense. That's what I thought, anyways. It took me awhile to figure that out lol.

Sherlock Holmes was a great movie. One of the best I've seen. It's like a shorter Inception. Lol I just remembered how long Inception was. It lasted like two days lol.

That's a long name for a movie lol. Nope, never seen either of them before. I've heard of Run Lola Run, but not the other one. What are they about?

I'm just glad it wasn't a bad one. After being through that small tornado, I can imagine how horrible a hurricane is. Oh, you've been in an earthquake before? I think earthquakes are the deadliest because, depending on it's strength, it's inescapable unless you're in air, and it can also cause tsunamis. Lol I wouldn't say brave, just stubborn. I'll accept brave though lol. Yeah, that's crazy, right? It was like all I could hear was a faint buzz. My brother was talking to me right next to me and I couldn't even hear him. A little bit of the wind had actually gotten into the garage, because the garage door was slightly opened so the wind came from underneath it, and opened a door inside the house, so you can just imagine how strong that wind was. I don't think they expected the tornado to hit us directly, so they didn't really try to evacuate us beforehand. It was sorta a surprise, I guess.

Thanks, I'm glad I'm okay too lol.

I meant southeastern, btw, the storm system ripped through a lot of southeastern states, not southwestern.
I The Author I Report | 04/30/2011 12:32 pm
I The Author I
Yeah, you're right. Well, my brother was vacuuming the living room one day and somehow he vacuumed the sensor bar. When we took the bar out the vacuum it was broken. So we bought another sensor bar but it didn't work for some reason. So we tried to fix it, but it still didn't work so we bought another sensor bar. That's when we found out that it wasn't the sensor bar; it was the Wii. Idk, maybe my brother had knocked over the Wii when he was vacuuming or something. But, for whatever reason, the Wii doesn't recognize the remotes anymore.

Lol it did. You should of seen my face when I saw that video lol.

Yeah, me too lol. Cuz then you waste so much time thinking and trying to figure it out that you're not really paying attention to the movie anymore, and that ruins the movie and your experience althogether. It feels more like a really hard exam or something. It's better when they explain it as the movie goes on rather then give you hints and clues and make you think hard throughout the whole movie. It was, but I think I understand it now. Lol me, my brother, and my dad had an argument about it for about a day. Did you guys eventually figure it out? The only movies I'd rewatch are the ones I particularly liked the first time. Oh, did you see Sherlock Holmes?

The only movies I'd rewatch are the ones I particularly liked the first time. It's weird how you can watch a movie and get so involved in it, but miss the most important parts lol.

Yeah, it was a huge storm system that pretty much tore through the whole southwestern part of the US. It hit a bunch of states. Lol I live in North Carolina, not Massachusetts. I was born in Boston, but we moved here a few years ago. Yeah, there was a lot of damage. We're blessed that our house didn't get damaged at all. It's weird, cuz like the tornado ripped through our neighborhood, and our house is perfectly fine, while the houses to the right and left of us are like completely swept away or are completely destroyed. The trees in our lawn and in the backyard actually got uprooted and fell but they fell and landed in the complete opposite direction of our house. We actually had to leave our house after the tornado had hit, because they were saying that another bad storm was supposed to hit, which I thought was weird because I've never heard of tornadoes hitting the same exact place twice. But, yeah, we went to a hotel and stayed there for about a week and a half. We just came back home like five days ago I think. I was in the house stubbornly looking outside the window when it happened lol. My younger brother was all like "get in the bathroom" and stuff but I wanted to see what was going on. It sounded like a freight train. The wind was so strong and loud that I went deaf for a sec. All you saw was a bunch of trees falling and cars flipping over and stuff. Definitely a scary experience.
I The Author I Report | 04/29/2011 8:12 am
I The Author I
The only game that was close to being a top-selling game was prolly like Wii Sports or something. I heard a lot of people enjoyed that game. I liked it too, but my Wii's broken so....

I don't even know what to say lol. I've never seen a game that stupid before.

Oh, you've seen it too? But, yeah, it's a great movie. I don't think I've seen a movie that well-thought out and complex. It took me a few days after watching it to understand a few things in it though lol. The ending was a lil' confusing too.

Lol nah, never that. Oh, did I ever tell you that we got hit by a tornado not so long ago? =o

I The Author I Report | 04/26/2011 8:39 pm
I The Author I
Yeah, you're right. It's all about Call of Duty or Halo. I can't remember the last time there was a top-selling game that didn't involve shooting or fighting.

That's so stupid lol.

Yup. I think the only movie that was really good last year was Inception. To me, that's one of the best movies I've ever seen.

Lol I just don't like how my male avatar is standing in the middle of a field of bunnies and flowers.
I The Author I Report | 04/21/2011 1:29 pm
I The Author I
Lol I was thinking about that too.

Haha, yeah, all the time. It probably has to do with their culture. Of courseO they live differently than us, so they most likely see things differently.

Oh, ok lol. I can't imagine seeing an ad for a game like that. Unless it was on Adult Swim or something. Bet that game was from Japan too lol.

November 16th.

I didn't see any item or event that had to do with pentagrams either. It might have been a Monthly Collectible. Yeah, it's gone. I don't exactly like the bunnies either though lol.

I The Author I Report | 04/11/2011 5:51 pm
I The Author I
Dang, that'd suck. Must of been pretty uncomfortable. I can't imagine that happening to me. I mean, snot freezing in your nose? That's tough.

Yeah, same here.

Yeah, that's what I thought too. A lot of stuff that we have here is pretty much made from Japan and China and stuff anyways. So talking about them a lot would make sense. Most of our games come from there too.

There was an advertisement for it? Lol. And it was like little cartoon girls that you're supposed to be groping and stuff in that game. Good game for *****, I guess. Yeah, definitely, I know there's at least one person that bought the DS for that game. Most likely an adult, because I know that no parent would allow their kid to play that game. Or at least most parents wouldn't allow it. And yeah, Japan does. Most games from there have at least one thing that's sexually suggestive. Honestly.

Hopefully. Most of the time there aren't really any movies out during my birthday.

Yeah, why is it even there? Is there an event going on or something? I don't think I would have minded it if I didn't know that it's related to the devil and whatnot. That's really the only reason that it bothers me.
Aiirosama Report | 04/07/2011 7:50 pm

Tell me...whats precious to you, so that I can take what you hold most dear~
I The Author I Report | 04/06/2011 7:56 pm
I The Author I
Winters over here can be brutal. Especially in places like Boston. I can't stand being over there in the winter.

Yeah, they do that to create suspense and anticipation for their fans. That way, more people will buy their comeback cd's or whatever. And it seems to always work too. I don't know if TI did it though. Probably did.

Lol yeah. Haiti had a huge problem with that. I heard that after the earthquake some people would go out to where there's a bunch of people and say something like "There's a tsunami coming!" just to get those people to run away somewhere. And when they leave, those people would steal the stuff they left behind. I couldn't imagine that happening during a time of tragedy like that. Attack of The Show's always talking about Japan. Or at least whenever I do watch it it's talking about there. I think they believe Japan's perverted because of the games and shows they have. I could've sworn they made a DS game where you could fondle girls and remove their clothing and stuff. I don't know why anyone would make that type of game though since mainly little kids play the DS. It's not like they'd buy that type of game anyways. I wonder if that game was even in stores. You probably had to order it online or something.

Yeah, cuz they're exposed to more stuff. Lol I see. I thought babies were made when adults kissed each other lol.

Sounds pretty fun. I don't think I'm gonna have a party when I turn 16. I'll probably just go to the movies with some friends or something. Nothing big.

That pentagram in the background is freaking me out.



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