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Welcome To Mi World ^0^ World of Meh [; Am I clingy .. To Some People, Do I care for all kind of drama (NO) w h y ? well it is a freaking game come on people have some class or better yet some brains x_x Don't Come Here For Drama, Lies, Or Rude People, Do I Use Profanity ? s o m e t i m e s .. why? People bring it out of me el oh el [: . Will I care for you? h m m if you care for me or treat me with r e s p e c t like I will do you! Other then that Do n o t s a y n o t h i n g t o m e . Other Then That I capitalize some words cause i want to be d i f f e r e n t and u n i q u e [; , I sing I dance I draw and I write stories [; So check em out by pming me and i will show you em c; O t h e r t h e n t h a t l e t m e b e m e a n d w e w o n t h a v e p r o b l e m s

Hack ! ~Sam ~

Wassup people this be yo boy Sam aka o Sleepy o. I'm here because I can and I do what I want! weeeee... jk. I'm her bestie! ooh yeahhh that one S A M on her status ya be seeing ya heard... (; i feel so loved x3 guess what kye? I Love You! <3 I think you are amazing, awesome! cool! and one of the best people i know. And you should know better than anyone else that you are spectacular! don't ever listen to these lame hoes be saying.. putting you down and so because you know they dont got what you got a good . beauty inside and out. :3 Whenever Whatever it is i will try my best to be there for you, catches and so. so dont ever think you're alone cause there is someone there for you. guess ;3 ME! I'm here for you whenever you need me. ok? i dont bite well not hard anyway xD. as long you dont forget me i wont ever forget you. <3 *HUGS* Mahal Kita Maganda Girl :3 mean I love you beautiful girl in filipino(i hope that right tho lol). Take care for now. ooooo sleeeepy ooo issss outtt ;D was here at 1/30/13
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