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The name OtherWorldShukumei comes from a story of a girl that can travel between worlds that I thought of years ago. My friend had written down some words in Japanese and their English translation: Shukumei=Destiny/Fate just really stuck out. So I used it as a name for this character. Basically, Shukumei I used to write fanfics.

She first appeared in Gundam Wing's Shukumei when she traveled to the GW world one day (it just happened to her). She was injured and awoke to find herself being nursed by the GW pilots.
Story goes on where Shukumei finds out that she is a descendant of a race of women that live on a planet (never did name it) that are physically unable to bear male children. So this race travels to other worlds (hense the other part of my name) when they turn sixteen in search of a mate.
In order to guarantee a successful mating, the woman in this race have a certain pheromone that basically makes her more attractive to a male (it reacts with testosterone). So you can guess what kind of life poor Shukumei gets involved with. ^-^

Part of the other world thing, too, is that Shukumei actually switches places with another form of herself in that world. Has anyone The One w/Jet Li? It's very similar. In fact, I thought up this whole OtherWorldShukumei thing just a few months before that movie was advertised... Why don't we ever get licenses for these things? :XP:

I had started writing a Shukumei fanfiction where she becomes a card captor in Cardcaptor Sakura and Kairi in Digimon Adventures 02.


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