Get to know me!!!

Name: Serena
Nickname: Bubbles
Gender: Female
Favorite Colors: Black, red, and purple
Favorite Foods: Pizza and pop tarts
Least Favorite Foods: chocolate covered pretzels
Favorite School Subjects: Chorale
Least Favorite School Subjects: everything but Chorale
Favorite Sports: Tennis, and Softball
Favorite Animal: Red Panda and Penguins
Hobbies: Drawing, Reading Anime, Singing, Acting, and praticing stage combat
Strengths: Singing, Acting, happiness, being annoying, and Anime knowledge.
Weaknessess: chocolate
Allergies: School
Goal: To become a famous singer and actress
Love Interests: (has never had a boyfriend) someone who is kind and won't rush a releationship, someone who is funny and makes me laugh and loves Anime/Manga.
I'm in LOVE with SHAKESPEARE!!!!! best writer ever!!!!
I love making friends so if you wanna friend me, go right ahead!!!