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i hate selena gomez, but love round & round O 3 -

Unable to identify Vimeo video URL.


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good Iucky Report | 11/22/2019 4:01 am
good Iucky
its me greg
Klaxosaur Report | 03/08/2012 6:46 pm
Thanks. :3 So what's up?
Klaxosaur Report | 02/28/2012 6:57 pm
Hi! Thanks. emotion_c8

How've you been?
Species Zero Report | 02/13/2012 4:53 pm
Species Zero
Sorry. I think you have the wrong username.
Klaxosaur Report | 08/08/2011 6:44 am
I forget what site I watched it on, I googled it and found it. oxo

Did you see it yet? o:

Sorry for the late replies, Gaia doesn't alert me of comments anymore ;__;
Klaxosaur Report | 08/06/2011 4:15 pm
Did you see the new Higurashi OVA? o:

The first episode? :3
Klaxosaur Report | 07/26/2011 3:56 pm
Yup. o:

Once you get to episode 3, your mind = blown
Klaxosaur Report | 07/26/2011 2:38 pm
Well, pretty much this girl Madoka meets this little bunny cat thing. The bunny cat thing is named Kyuubey, he can grant young girls ANY wish they want, and in return, they gotta become a Magical Girl and fight these monsters called witches. Then, there's this other girl named Homura trying to do everything she can to stop Madoka from becoming a Magical girl, and Madoka doesn't know why. And as the story progresses, and Madoka meets other Magical girls and her own best friend becomes one herself, she starts realizing the price it would pay if she decided to become one herself.
Klaxosaur Report | 07/26/2011 2:22 pm
It's a Magical girl anime. :3

But it's pretty dark, and it'll make you cry, guaranteed.
Klaxosaur Report | 07/19/2011 10:34 pm
Yeah it's all fanservice. D;

I think at least. Episode 1 of it will be a lot of fanservice, episode 2's gonna be Rika, Satoko, and Hanyuu as magical girls, but I dunno about the last 2 episodes..

But I think Bernkastels gonna be in one of the episodes. o:


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