hi i'm singing


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i am ******** titanium.

Biggie Rection
[10:17:58 PM] justin ahaha: Laurel! you're a hella chill friend and im glad i met you! the first time i met you was hella funny. you were like standing next to me while i was afk and when icame back i was like who the ******** is this rich b***h next to me. then we started talking and s**t. what i like about you is that i never catch you depressed and s**t. ur always happy and stuff. that's really good! we need more people like you. and you're hella smart! and you helped me with some of my hw and s**t, and ur a qt korean! koreans are so rare in cali -_- anyways yeah im glad i met yu laurel! u chill b***h! -Justin

Captain Totoro
I remember I use to see you in rallies all the time when I get invited. We never talked LOL. But then while I was chilling in rallies with some people you randomly came along. And we became friends smile . Personally I think you're really talented. Especially at singing! And LET ME SEE YOU WITH NO MAKE UP >: o btw I still like to refer to your dog as misty. cool

joven > laurel