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Dangerously Boring Prattle about Me

I look pretty much like my avi to the left here, the gaian one. Only with more glasses, and grey eyes.
I work at Microsoft on the Mobile Seven Multimedia team. And hope one day to program a giagantic robot with the strength of Ages, and the personality of Bender. And I'm 22, and consider myself an old timer on Gaia, I have a ton of items, and am proud of it =)

I want it, even if it doesn't exist.

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read my webcomic - Highest Ganz
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hermione lol Report | 11/04/2009 1:19 pm
hermione lol
happy birthday sexy sexy
Captain Arkane Report | 06/29/2009 8:28 pm
Captain Arkane
haha smile
Captain Arkane Report | 06/26/2009 3:42 pm
Captain Arkane
I'm summer themed! smile I like that nifty star thing behind your avatar. Have you noticed that your profile background is a mass of "photo has been removed" squares from photo bucket?
thezitofiles Report | 06/23/2009 6:48 pm
nice wig lol
mage-116 Report | 03/19/2009 3:34 pm
Oh well.
Thanks for the compliment, anywho.
mage-116 Report | 03/19/2009 2:51 pm
I have a really old one that's just a face...
mage-116 Report | 03/19/2009 2:35 pm
Which elf?
They're tons on my dA. xD
LittleSummerGirly Report | 03/17/2009 5:57 pm
Happy St. Patty's Day!
thezitofiles Report | 03/09/2009 10:31 pm
lol venus flytrap =P
Kinxed Report | 03/01/2009 6:32 pm
Yo! Whut up?