yo.....my name is robin,but call me Koruda on gaia. i am somewhat talented if i do say so myself. i draw,play piano,sing,write,joke,cook a little,swim, high vocabulary,used to play guitar,flute,can hold my breath for about a minute and have a good history in spelling. if you don't call that talent then i am one untalented person. my flaws are my inability to dance,my lack of flexibility, my awkwardness toward new people,and most of all.....my laziness. i love it but other people seem to disagree. say you would want me to get something for u and im sitting in a rolling chair. expect me to paddle my way to your object and paddle it over to you. thats just who i am and i love it. i have a way of being violent,but thats just my way of saying "your my buddy!" i am a really cool dudet and i hope u can be my buddy if yur not.