Hey all, it's just me. I'm sure you all....don't know me x.x but I'm going to ramble about myself anyway!

So, I joined in 2004 because my friend Spirit_of_Darkness showed me this site. I thought "WHOA! So cool!" Of course, I didn't have internet at home back then, so I could only get on like once a week at the library. Then in late 2004, my mom decided finally that we could get dail-up. I was thrilled to have at least have internet- even if it was really slow.

So, after about a year of busy phone lines and an impatient teenager on gaia, we finally got high-speed internet. I was freakin' loving it! Of course, we got it during the summer- the time where I'm on it for 8 hours xD.

Then school started -.- I was so pissed at how much less time I had to spend on gaia. Though, being the good little student I am, I always did my homework and chores (well, maybe not ALWAYS) before I got on the internet.

And so, this is me today. I'm still on gaia and probably will be for a while. Since I joined in 2004, I worked hard these past years and have become fairly wealthy. If you'll look to the avatar on your left, you'll notice an angelic scarf. Yep, that's right. Took me 2 freaking years to finish the quest, but I finally got it Summer 2006. Now, I'm going after the Devil Tail and Mini Angel Wings, but I'm not as determined as I was for my scarf.

Ok, well now that you know some of my history on gaia, let's share a little about MEEEEE! xD

Name: Just call me Mango
Age: Teen xD
Overused smiley: xD
Overused emoticon: whee
School Status: Pretty much a nerd. I get straight A's all the time, though I really don't like school. I do have some sportsy skills, surprisingly
Fav. Subject: Math. I know, I know, I'm crazy.
Least Fav. Subject: Language Arts. I HATE writing. Well, at least I hate writing essays. I'm always up for roleplays though ;D
Gaia Status: Not well known, but I am fairly wealthy xD

Loves: Gaia, different animes/manga, ice cream, food, kleenex(I have nose issues), Axel <3, my kitties! Actually, I love all kitties >W<

Hates: The b*tches at school, needles, people who eat my cookies and never repay me (AMBER!), the District Board Office for School, unfairness, racists, rules that don't make sense, things that are just stupid, people that are an ass, long months consisting of no video games O.O

Some of my favorite shows:
-TMNT (The 2003 Season xD. I also loved the new movie; it was kickass!) heart
-Friends (I miss it soooo much crying ) heart
-Heroes <3 heart
-Scrubs heart
-Avatar: The Last Airbender heart
-According to Jim
-The King of Queens heart
-Whose Line is it Anyway? (OMG! I would die without this show <3) heart
-Reba heart
-What I like about you
-Home Improvement (Yeah, Tim Allen!) heart
-The Batman
-X-men: Evolution heart
-America's Funniest Home Videos
-Fresh Prince of Bellair
-Deal or No Deal
-1 vs. 100
-Xiaolin Showdown heart
-Teen Titans

Favorite Animes/Manga:
-Naruto (But I have to watch it in japanese. I HATE the english voices)
-DN Angel heart heart (this was my very first series ^^)
-Peach Girl
-Fruits Basket
-Ouran High School Host Club
-Because I'm the Goddess
-Broken Angels
-Yami no Matsuei/Descendants of Darkness
-Bleach heart
-FMA heart
-Cardcaptor Sakura heart (she's so cute >W< wink

Gah, I'm gonna add more soon. Don't worry now!


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Misstress of Darkenss

Report | 06/06/2011 8:28 am

Misstress of Darkenss

cool avi biggrin
T3h Antek

Report | 05/22/2011 12:29 pm

T3h Antek

Sexy Fairy ?

Report | 10/10/2008 6:09 pm


Lmao love the avi. and cute media you have there.

Report | 07/08/2008 3:13 pm


Hey, what's up? I haven't dropped by in awhile.. so I thought I would just to say hi User Image

Report | 06/05/2008 7:56 am


Awww. Stay true to DNAngel.

Quite a few of my friends have read it...they said it was awesome. Maybe that can be next.

Right now, in between exams and stuff, I'm reading Dazzle. So good~!

Report | 05/30/2008 7:35 am


Nyaaa, I love the shows you watch User Image Heroes...AAHHH ---- Fresh Prince...AAAHHHH --- And of course anime, my first ever series watched...OURAN User Image Love Tamaki!! So funny User Image
Epic Fire Crotch

Report | 05/20/2008 5:13 pm

Epic Fire Crotch

anytime, anytime

Epic Fire Crotch

Report | 05/14/2008 4:05 pm

Epic Fire Crotch

I love your avatar!

and your page > w<

and your about section made my day

Moke Moo Moo

Report | 05/05/2008 9:04 pm

Moke Moo Moo

Awsome avatar. :3

Report | 03/13/2008 2:22 pm


im happy u dont get beged offen causevu look likeu would


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