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I'm 15 years old, MALE. I love music, like everyone else. I like the Legend of Zelda, sorry. I am single. My heart has it's target though. I like DRAWING! I only have a few good friends, unfortunately, but that's all I need. I would love for you to add me on MSN, it's
And some of the greatest people in the world include:James, Daniel, Faith. I like Alien vs Predator 2, that's a epic film.
ILOVECHERRYCOKE. I love any chocolate except really special dark and white. I hate stupid movies. I have a webcam! I draw, as stated before. I have a facebook, but I will not add you.I have a sister and a half brother, Hannah and Matthew. I am an uncle to Matthew's daughters.
That's my story.
If you want to know anything about me, just send me a PM, I'd be glad to start making a new friend.