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Name: Melanie but people call me Memi.
Age:23 though I don't look like it.
Birthday: October 1, 1990
Sex: Yes plox!? Nah me have boobies and vjayjay.
Location: A little island in the caribean.
Born and raised: I was born in PR, but I have lived in many places. My parents worked hard so that I as a child had everything they could give me.
Status: Single
Loves: My Friends, Music, Anime, Photography, Drawing, Neon Colors, Dancing,Singing...
Hates: Fakers, Snobs, Hoes, Clowns, Rap music, Bossy people, Liars...

I love art. I love to draw. I love to take photos. I am very creative and it shows through my art work. I love photos that have and oldish look to them. I love to see couples kissing, park rides, sunsets, feilds, balloons, rain, and the sky in photos. I like it when the sun is right behind the person or object so they seem to glow. I draw emotions. If Im upset it will show in my drawing. I also make comics. The comics are based off of events that have happened to me.

My family is religious. Some more crazy religious than others. ¬__¬
I for one don't believe in religion as much as them. I believe there is a God but not to the point of making this thing a habit. Don't rant to me about religion. I hate Bible pushers.

I say love is love. Its not about age, family, money, politics, race, color, religion, and above all gender! A person has the right to be happy with the one they love be it man or woman.

I hate the war. I believe in peace. No more guns.. No more bombs.. No more death.
Just love.

I hope to go back to the past and fix my mistakes, but really I wouldn't, one little thing you change and your whole life changes. And you wouldn't learn from your mistakes. I'm not gonna live forever. No one will. So I don't plan on living my life like I will. I'm just going to live. I'm going to make something out of myself. But I will try to create something that will last forever. The world better watch out. Twenty-three years of holding back; that's a lot of revenge to seek.

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