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Hack by heart Alli heart OMG ! I am hacking Trudy Patootie !! I lovee youu so much baby ! You mean everything to me and i trust you the most. Sometimes we have good/bad times but we ended up being besties for lifeee <3 You are my one and only bestie and we might end up meeting in real life one day ! We would always webcam and tinychat with strangers we don't know but it was fun & funny !We would totally hang out and spend our days together !!!!-coughs coughs- Screw your bf and spend the time with meh ! You know i get jealous because he is stealing you away from me D: Also, i am single you know. You love rock and metal music ! Pfft we love Mayday Parade & Pierce the Veil !!! You are so good at drawing and making avis ! Ugh sometimes i am jealous of your beauty but whatever... At least i admitted it. You make make me laugh and smile. When i am sad or angry , you would always make me smile and laugh.. Your personality is awesome. I just love it.. I should stawp typing this now.. Even though i have a lot more to say. I LOVE YOU BBY emotion_bigheart
~ ~ ~ ~ Alli


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Alli I love this girl! c:
We go way back
My best bud ~