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Hi! Thanks for visiting my page! Here are some things that gives a picture of me.

I love to play online games and browse social networks as my past time. I can tell that I would no longer be as active as ever with these activities since I am already busy working with my line of profession, but I think I can make a way to sneak out since this is a way of doing the other side of me, a cyber maniac haha, joke. I also love to draw and make them animate with Macromedia, even though I am just an amateur and have to discover lots more stuff about the program, my friends were already amazed about my skills in drawing and animating. I also love to watch movies, series, and anime with sensible stories, yes, there are anime's with sense. With regards to people, I don't care who you are as long as we can have fun together and share our thoughts, interests and ideas, I think we can jibe along. I deeply love music, all of them, but sometimes I prefer to sink myself with love songs. One strange thing about me is that I have a book sickness, once I grabbed a book and read through the first page I have to finish it, that's why I fear to grab books. However, I don't fail in being satisfied with the books that I have read. Also, I developed a new disease, I don't add friends unless you invite me. This was because there were Gaians who told me harsh words once I tried to add 'em, that was way back when I was just starting Gaia. Also, something that you must know about me is that, when I am bored I become insensible.

I deeply apologize if you had to make it through this section, but if you made it congratulations.


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A sudden spur of interest to write something.


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