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Hello! I'm just a simple dude. I'm 25.
I love to read, My passion lies in fantasy literature, My absolute favorite series are Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss.
But I want to try other genres, and i love book recommendations. blaugh
Although i prefer to watch sci-fi and fantasy as well; when it comes to movies and tv shows i have a weird fetish of going through a depressive state that would last at least 2 days after watching a drama movie.

I do play video games, i tend to dislike multiplayer online gaming because of obvious reasons*, but i'm singleplaying, slaying dragons, breaking stuff for more legos, catching them all, collecting rings, slashing grass patches, trying to survive zombie apocalypse, racing illegally or even trying to protect gotham city.. like all the time.
Oh, Pokemon is an exception for online playing; so i have X, Alpha Sapphire and Moon Versions, you should ask me for my friend code for battling.
*(Appearently League of Legends is also an exception[?] I guess i play multiplayer now huh..)

I've been told i'm friendly, so talk to me.

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Saddens me to say those three passed away the day this photograph was taken. Rest in peace, i will forever miss you; James, Remus and Sirius.