Me= a Pisces who doesn't know how to swim, who's life revolves around grilling Philly Cheesesteaks, my hipster a** bf, and my insatiable need for a dog

There's not much to say...

Me llamo Chrissy. I'm twenty-two (whoo hoo yay adulthood crying ).
Nice to meet you. Pleasure to make your acquaintance.
I registered sometime around early mid March of 2010, but I hardly ever get on anymore b/c Gaia's gotten dry af.


There're many other bs greetings I could establish, but you get the picture.


I'm a genuinely nice person (kinda), so don't hesitate to talk to me. People do it regardless anyways.
I like pink.
I like the cheesiest shoujo manga and webtoons.
I like Korean everything- but esp, the food. Don't get me started.
Orchestral music turns me on.
I live in Florida. Hate Florida, gross.
And yeah.
That basically sums up my life.
Oh wait. I don't have one.

I just got my bachelor's so I guess that exciting lol

previous usernames:
pie123hsm (ugh I know)
pUr3 snOw
kitsumi ni

What an insufferable thing it is
to be uncertain of your own words

-my life