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Mithmel Report | 06/02/2022 8:41 pm
Teh-EzY- Report | 06/01/2022 6:36 am
Bruh! Nothing much just going on and off sweatdrop
Guardian Eden Report | 09/11/2021 7:09 pm
Guardian Eden
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Guardian Eden Report | 08/22/2021 6:15 am
Guardian Eden
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Guardian Eden Report | 07/19/2021 4:18 am
Guardian Eden
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Tritonious Report | 07/11/2021 1:24 am
Teh-EzY- Report | 07/10/2021 12:48 am
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Teh-EzY- Report | 07/08/2021 12:49 am
Bumpz xd
Guardian Eden Report | 07/07/2021 2:49 am
Guardian Eden
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Tritonious Report | 07/06/2021 2:11 am


"Helloooo Gaiaonline.

My name is...well just call me Mr.J for a start biggrin .
Currently in college trying to focus.
Well as everyone knows,I live in Malaysia~
I help people - when I have the bling-bling
I love people - when they have the love-love
I eat - when I am hungry
I...well I..Ok so I do a lot of stuff so what?
If you need a friend just pm me.
I'll be there for you biggrin

If you wanna know more,den lets meet!
well at gaia towns duh,not in real life!
Unless of course we live in the same country,state smile "
- Me, 2009.

Damn it is now 2017. The "about me" above has never been changed since I made this account. (My fifth account). First account was in '06. I was so gullible to scams a decade ago. Reading it back makes kinda makes me cringy. Haha. It was so hard gaining gold back then(I have and will never be a cash user). Now I have so much gold I dont even know what to do with it anymore. Heck I only come here at most 2-4 times. in a YEAR. A lot has changed, biggest changed is the gold inflation.

Anyway if anyone's reading this and are in need of an item in their wish list. If its not beyond me I can get it for them smile . Just PM me~.