I'm an 20 years old guy called Alejandro, it's better if you call me Alex because it must be easier for you to pronounce it. I'm from Mexico but have been studying english since I was a little child, anyway don't be rude with me, it isn't my native language so I might get some mistakes, in those cases I would prefer if you correct me please so I can continue getting better at the language.

I'm very jolly, childish, innocent, noble, caring, loving, truthful, romantic, respectful, responsible, positive, hard working, low tempered, annoying, greed and nervous.

I love blue. I like so much to learn about different languages and cultures. Right now I know spanish and english, I'm studying french and japanese. Another thing I really love is nature, I love it so much, I'm not vegetarian, I would like to, but, haven't tried. I like everything in nature, flora, fauna and anything, not mattering what I can find good points in those beautiful creatures (Except cockroaches and flies, I hate them a lot). That must be a reason why I love furry, nekos or others things like those, so, don't get surprised if my character in a roleplay is a neko or something. That might be because my favorite animal is a tiger, which comes from the felines, and because I can't have a tiger pet (Damn) I would love to have a cat. I love pop music and everything with pop music, J-Pop, techno-pop, Pop-rock etc. And I love videogames, child movies, cartoons and animations. My favorite kind of movies are comedies, romantic, dramas and mystery ones.

I dislike nature haters, we need it don't you see? Any discriminator, I hate them, they must try to see from the others persons points of view. Also bullies, annoying persons that think the are always right, bossy people and people that don't let you give your reasons.

I really fear to stay alone, I can't stand much time without a beloved one because I feel sad, and I really hate it, if not I can stand with my friends and family which I love so much, but, still feel weird. Another fear is deep water, I can't stand swimming in deep pools, or swimming so far from the shore in the sea. And the last fear is bugs, this one is a small fear, when I see a bug I start to shake every part of my body to check out if I don't have a bug on me in that moment, also I can't touch them very easily, I get startled when they are near and I try to scare them. I still love them, but, I'm a bit scared of them, my bro says I'm a bug lover because I always try to save them when someone is going to kill them or I try to take them out of the room I am, but, if they are in my house and I can't take them out I have to kill them and I do it without thinking it twice, after all is my house, I have to defend it.

You can ask me any question and I'll answer them if you are in my friend list, just be nice when asking and I'll answer honestly.

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Gaia from my eyes

Well this is going to be the part where I'm going to talk about what I live in gaia... I don't think I'll write to much here.



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Report | 07/16/2013 7:35 pm



I miss seeing you around...
I am at the point that I wish my old friends was still here
so I have people to talk to...

Azuka 12

Report | 10/24/2012 8:38 am

Azuka 12

whee hi
Kitt3h Kat

Report | 04/26/2012 7:51 pm

Kitt3h Kat


Report | 03/12/2012 10:33 pm


yeah i believe it

Report | 03/11/2012 9:44 pm


oh ^^;
i do apologize though for the long hiatus
i was in between moving from arizona to new jersey and then all that jazz that leads til now.

*le hugs*
I guess this just means I have to get out there and work on making more friends ^_^
as long as they arnt those pervy peeps from rally @_@

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but yeah ^_^
I guess i can take this as a vacation.

so anywho,

who else from the gang is still on?
I saw michi
i dunno if ylli,sai,and the others from the gsw are still around or not

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too much free time makes me a very lazy person haha

Report | 03/11/2012 7:59 pm


oh thats right hurhur *forgot that oops XD"

and oh you got a boyfriend that is nice ^3^

ravie is okay
she is married now in real life and all
she had a job but got laid off so she is bored and going loco
so she just recently started back on gaia and been on tinierme.com
off and on. and is trying to connect to people I was friends with though most dont remmeber me. ^^;

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That's what makes it neat. It's all monochrome and then you have the flare of color in the hat.
tag: "toe the line" - perfectly fitting your avatar's style

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oh mai ^///^ i get a glomp/grope... hehe ^_^
how is my gaia hubby? XDDDDD


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