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Well let's see, what would these nosey people like to know about me? Hmm?
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~ I am a big sister

~ I attend S.S.H.S.

~ I am a Senior, (CLASS OF '09 BITCHES!)

~ I absolutely LOVE to sing!

~ I can be your best friend, or the worst b***h you have, or will ever know, but lets not see that side, k?

~ I have the MOST AWESOME friends that have ever walked the planet, don't mess with us, cause we'll mess with you TWICE as hard!
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~ I formerly attended GCHS, if you don't know what that means, well then, you don't know me very well or you are just lame.

~ I like most music, but I LOVE rock.

~ I am currently SINGLE.

~ I love going to the movies.

~ I read, a LOT, but if you think I'm a nerd for it, then
you apprently don't know me, yet again.

~ I am crazy, no seriously, I am..

~ I am a very family-oriented girl, though I don't have
had a hard time with mine in the past.

~ I am strong, and you will NEVER be able to break me, so don't try, cause I won't be the one broken, you one the
other hand... well that is yet to be determined.
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~ I attend Love and Truth, and I AM DARN PROUD OF IT!! My church is like my second family.

~ I want to be a psychologist, so yes, I intend on college, lots of it in fact.

~ I am a very determined individual.

~ I actually have (And yes, I use it as well!) a brain, so don't try o pull the wool over my eyes.

~ Shiny things make me happy.

~ I have my liscense!! And a little white Geo Prism.

~ My favorite colors are turqouise, purple, black, and all different blues.

~ I am NOT your normal female.

~ I believe Rap is sexist and degrading.

~ I adore spending time with my friends.

~ I LOVE fire... problem?
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~ I have had a hard past, but I have grown from it.

~ I have had my heart broken.

~ If you can't tell from above, I HAVE been in love.

~ I LOVE cats, though I am allergic. :~(

~ Fiber Optic things that continually get stuck on the color red scare me.. idk why..

~ I am COMPLETELY scared of spiders.

~ Needles scare the HELL out of me!!

~ I am a brunette, and yes, we DO have more fun, lol. jk

~ I have brown eyes, don't like it? Don't care.

~ I am about 5'5.

~ I am random as hell, if you can't tell from the order this list is in, lol.

~ When I get tired I laugh my a** off at ANY and EVERY thing! And I'm not ashamed of it.

~ I DO NOT drink, or smoke (Anything), I find the habits discusting and a WASTE.

~ Drugs are nothing more than a way to hurry death, miss out on life, kill brain cells that could have saved some kid from cancer one day, and make you nothing more than a drain on tax-payers money.

~ I wear what I want, and do NOT care if it's what everyone else is wearing.. half the time, I don't like the 'trends'

~ I make a LOT of random, high pitched noises... for no reason at all..

~ Liars make me unhappy.

~ Random qoutes and words are constants in my life, lol (insider thing!)

~ Memories are something that NOONE, NOTHING, and NO WORDS can EVER take away.. remember that when you meet me.

~ I am a VERY defensive person.

~ People that judge others without knowing them (or on SOMEONE ELSE'S RUMORS) suck.. period.

~ Posers are just plain annoying, and I have NO time for them.

~ Depression pretty much sucks a**, along with Insomnia.

~ People that think the world revolves around them.. (this includes the people that DON"T know how to drive, the people who think they OWN the roads, people that STAY in front of you in the halls and walk as SLOW as they can and then STOP just cause they CAN, (or cause they know it bugs you) and then look at you and b***h when you ask them to move) make me mad, and I despise them and hope they fall off the earth.. Harsh, I know, but oh well, get over it.

~ If you can't do the job, get the HELL out of my way!

~ Have you ever dealt with a stripped mike stand? Or a music stand? they are the devil... in stand form...

~ I love helping with setting things up, like plays, concerts and such, it makes me feel authoritative and meaningful..

~ Geometry sucks..

~ I'm Sarcastic as hell..

~ I'm one of the biggest klutzes you will ever meet, and yet I love high heels...weird huh?

~ I kinda have this evil side... tee-hee -looks around shiftily-

~ I have a past, don't we all, but don't think that it makes me weak, and that you can use it against me, honey, we all make mistakes, so before you throw mine in my face.. let's take a look at your own.. shall we?

~ I'm shy sometimes, but then again, caffiene and sugar do odd things to one's personality (Pushy friends help too, lol)

~ Solo's scare the liveing HELL out of me, but I LOVE to have/perform them.

~ I HATE to be cold..

~ I can be clingy, but when it comes down to it, I want my space, so let me have it? k?
~ Just because I come off as a b***h doesn't mean I hate you, hell, I am female.. (Or you may just really get on my nerves..)

~ I LOVE the snow.. even though a few years ago it was BECAUSE of snow that I broke my damn back! -mumbles under breath-

~ I wear glasses.. yes, I know, shocker, considering I hardly ever leave the house without my contacts in.

~ I believe in using make-up to ENHANCE your features, not ATTEMPT to use it to make them. (That means using just enough, not so much you can peal it off later that night)

~ I go by several nick-names, one of which is actually my last name, ha, and the people that call me that are the ones I love the most. (The original ones that is.. and a VERY limited amount of new comers that do so)

~ Brown recluses suck, worse than most spiders, they REALLY scare me, I got bit once.. owie

~ Want to know anything else? Ask!!

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no prob hun ;3

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a BIRTHDAY COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, OPAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i am my own black cat

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i am my own black cat

User Image well funerals of family members do that to Sam
i am my own black cat

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i am my own black cat

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Hee hee, of course I will. ;3

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Not much. In an online game I'm a towel. xD

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Inez Karew


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Inez Karew

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Okies! ^^


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