Some things..

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heart Hi, I am Scarlett heart
My birth day was 03/07/1994
(you can figure out how old I am, I don't want to have to keep updating. xp )

Wooah Its been so long! Hello fellow Gaians. Long time no talk if I got ahold of you :3

So I am happily heart engaged as of Christmas Eve 2019. heart He is my Soul Mate found only after going through the scum of the earth for what felt like eternity. We have one fur baby and hopefully some of our own babs in the not too far future biggrin But enough about my love life..

My Outsides:
Im a anxiety riddin small person of 5'2". I dont cut my hair because Im a midevil princess. Shhhh. Dont even try to tell me otherwise. My outfit styles depend on the day and my mood. Sometimes I let the inner darkness out and wear my 50% black wardrobe and other times Im dressed in floral and frills. My wardrobe is a bipolar mess. Im mostly german ancestry so I do have blue eyes and some curl to my hair thanks to the dash of Irish also in there. I usually dye my hair ginger colors BUT as of right now im fading it from black and its a dark brown. On the Same note as my looks... I have a sister also on here!

My Insides:

Sadley I have an anxiety issue that my fiance and I are working through. It wouldnt be far off to say I have a social phobia but then again I havent been to a doc about my mental state ever so who knows.. Im a people pleaser hard core and any friends I make I hold dear and as close as they will let me.

Things I LOVE:
My Man...Duh..Tea, Coffee, Sweets, Animals(All types,.Im not afraid to pet a frog type of thing) Anime, Video Games, Reading, Swimming, Hiking, Camping,
Im also and artist so anything I can do with my hands. Clay, sketch, paint, etc.

Anime:New anime to older 90's anime are all wonderful. Grew up watching Wolfs Rain, Cowboy Bebop, Blood+ and all those other late night adult swim runs.Im loving the newer animes. My Shield Hero, Attack on Titan, Tokyo Ghoul, Seven Deadly Sins, and my Favorite at the moment: My Hero

VideoGames: Love all the soul series(Dark Souls1-3, Blood Borne). Final Fantasy Online, Elder Scrolls Online, OverWatch, Harvest Moon(s), Animal Crossing, FireEmblem, and so much more.

I love making new friends so please feel free to message me or add me or whatever you wanna do smile Thank you whee heart