Oh things & Stuff [:

Favorite Singers/Bands: James Morrison, Keith Urban, Michael Jackson, Sara Evans, Tim McGraw, Billy Currington, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Red Hot Chili Peppers, ACDC, and moree!
So as you can see, my music taste is very different, it goes from country to rock :]

**I love meeting new people, so message me!
**I tend to go through the day using quotes to explain things [:
** Just about every word you say I have a song for.
**My friends make this worthwhile
**I've been in and out of relationships, but haven't found someone that I really care about yet.
**I'm obsessed with music, so if you don't like it just leave [:
** Sweats and a t-shirt are my FAVORITE articles of clothing [:

--Just talk to me<3--

FoReVeR LoVeD <3