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✿ฺ . Jenny . ✿ฺ . 26 . ✿ฺ . Norwegian/Filipina . ✿ฺ . INFP . ✿ฺ . Married . ✿ฺ . Aries . ✿ฺ

Snapchat: hellowpanda ✿ฺ Instagram: hellowpanda ✿ฺ Twitter: JennyPusa


I lived in the most beautiful and peaceful country known as Norway. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
But I was born in the Philippines, User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. my homecountry. It's the most beautiful and fun exotic place on earth. & I got married and moved to another country, which is Canada.

✿ฺ Married since July 14, 2019 ✿ฺ
✿ฺ Mom to a baby girl since September 7, 2020 ✿ฺ

Pets: Maltese and Pomeranian. *woof*
& also tons of water creatures in out aquarium,
which is my husband favorite side hobby! smile
Reminds me so much of my aquarium here in gaia! But here you get free coins!!! dramallama

My favorite colors are, skyblue, babypink, white & black.
I have diamond/crystal as my birthstone. The most favorite numbers of all times are,
4, 2 and 1, 7 and the last is number 9.
I like even numbers, because somehow I feel odd numbers are lonely.
I like it when they are in pair, but I actually don't have anything against odd numbers.
Maybe, the numbers feels like third-wheel? *thinks out loud*

The type of music 🎵 that I really like are the instrumental ones, mostly piano.
I love poetry, especially Shakespears'. I used to compose songs with my younger sibling and played in a band.
I adore mind games, such a chess, sudoku and solving puzzles.
A wonderful reminder to you since my dear friend often told this to me before and it made me feel better,
"SMILE! you dont own all the problems in the world! some of them are MINE ^_^".

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Active user since 2007.
I used to hangout here a lot, and made tons of friends.
Sadly, everyone had to leave and now, I'm just stuck here mostly by myself.
Wondering if they would come back, so that we can do more fun stuff together again.

Just *plip!* me and approach me, I won't bite.
I am probably the most sweetest person you'll ever know. Feel free to get to know me better.
I might be seen as a timid person, in my defense I would just wait for the 'go signal' and speak up,
or sometimes like out of the blue (spontaneously!),
I would just be blunt about it and approach you like a happy puppy wagging his tail up and has sparkles on both of it's eyes! Yeys! emotion_kirakira

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

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Have a blessed day! ^_^

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" Excuse me, while I go be Awesome"
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(-^-^-) Jenny's Super Duper Awesome Journal

Sharing all my thoughts here...but mostly just random stuffs!; ʕ ·ᴥ·ʔ ♥


I could tell you all about myself only if you want me to!



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Pssst =]
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thank you <3 your profile does look better <3
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Hey stupid -_-


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