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Ookami Tsukiyomi

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Birthday: 11/08


This is a story about a Wolf...
Dun dun duuuun!

This will be my theme for the profile. You should listen to it while you read!


So you wanna learn more about Wolfy?... Well, there's FAR too much to know. I can be somewhat of a confusing person, often seeming contradicting in many ways. I don't quite get it myself... but I'll do my best to give ya an idea.

I go by many names online. Syn, Wolfy, Ren-Ren, ect. My real name however, is Mark. Mark Alexander Wallace. You can call me whatever it is you wish, even if you make it up. I love nicknames. Don't mind if I make one for you! ^.-

~General Info~

Age: 19 years young
Relationship: Single (But hopeful at the moment hehe.)
Favorite food: Impossible to decide. Pizza, pumpkin pie, and BBQ pork fried rice all come to mind.
Favorite color: Turquoise, but with a little extra green in it.
Favorite number: Anything that divides by 5.

Location: California (Come stalk me all you want.)
Occupation: Being a nerdy farmboy
School: I'm currently enrolled in a community college (Not telling which.).
Occupational Skills: I'm an A+ certified computer technician.
Goals: My dream is to be a video game designer, and start my own independent video game company... That and finding true love ^w^

Okay, now moving on to the more personal stuff! I'm gonna start with my Dislikes and Don'ts, and then move on to Likes and Do's. If you're curious why, I just like being different. But most of all, I'm the type of person who likes to end on a high note.


- Being alone
- Being scary
- Any sort of prejudice/stereotyping (Unless it's a joke. Then it's great lol).
- Any sort of bullying
- Hurting people
- Violence (Except when it's in a movie or something.)
- Blending in
- Littering
- Apathy
- Politics
- Tomatoes


I don't uhh... I don't ski... There's lots of stuff I don't do. But I'll try to focus on major stuff.

- Drinking alcohol
- Smoking
- I don't eat certain foods. I can be a picky eater. But I'm trying to get better.
- I don't date for the sake of dating, or having a girlfriend.
- I try not to judge people as best I can.
- I don't read as much as I should


- Friends
- Hugs
- Girls (Just to clarify.)
- Socially awkward weirdos (As long as they aren't scary.)
- Being different
- Swords, and other classical weapons
- Fighting (Let the contradictions begin.)
- Wind, rain, stormy weather.
- Videogames (Rpgs and Fighters are my favorite.)
- Anime (Though I recently retired.)
- Food
- Programming
- Designing videogames
- Anything artsy, especially when one of my friends has made it.
- Being lame and nerdy

- Having fun!!!


- I'm always cuddly!
- I'm protective of my friends
- I play fighter games semi-competitively
- I study both fencing and martial arts
- I ride horses and know how to train them
- I give sage-like advice sometimes (I like to think I'm mildly wise.)
- Playing basketball when I have the opportunity.
- I can surf (I'm bad at it.)
- I'm learning piano right now
- Singing occasionally
- Fix computers

- Just about any activity as long as it is fun!


So, feel like you know me better? I wouldn't count on it haha.

You'll notice, I never did get into my Personality. And that's because it would be WAY too difficult to do. I am contradicting in so many ways it is frustrating. It doesn't help that I have multiple moods which I behave completely different in. I also tend to reflect upon other people, which sways the way I behave even more so.

What I've listed here, are all mostly constants in my wander-lost of a brain. Beyond that, I'll let you decide what sorta person I am. Don't worry though, I think I'm a pretty good person. Feel free to get to know me better.

...Oh yeah... and Lucky-Strawberry is awesome! Now it's time to take my katana, and continue my adventure!!!

To My Favorite Stalker

I want you to forever be my valentine too. And I mean that in more ways than one 4laugh


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The confuzzledness...

Are you lost?... I know I am.


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TenninDoji21 Report | 08/26/2013 4:10 pm
Hey, where'd ya go? It's been a while bro.
Rainier Silke Report | 01/05/2013 6:58 am
Rainier Silke
You really need to come back man. ):
TenninDoji21 Report | 12/27/2012 5:09 pm
Where have you been?! I haven't seen any trace of you anywhere!!!! gonk
Bad Intentions Gurl Report | 12/24/2012 5:35 pm
Bad Intentions Gurl
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x XBliss Wasnt EnoughX x Report | 12/20/2012 11:21 pm
x XBliss Wasnt EnoughX x
Your name wouldn't happen to be after the Wii game Okami and the sword Tsukiyomi would it?
Rainier Silke Report | 11/27/2012 10:23 pm
Rainier Silke
Sorry I wasn't on, spaced out XD
Bad Intentions Gurl Report | 11/22/2012 9:08 am
Bad Intentions Gurl
happy thanksgiving!
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Bad Intentions Gurl Report | 11/11/2012 12:22 pm
Bad Intentions Gurl
well i wasnt online on ur actual birthday >.>
Bad Intentions Gurl Report | 11/10/2012 6:10 pm
Bad Intentions Gurl
happy birthday!!! i really hope u r feeling better soon *hugs*

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TenninDoji21 Report | 11/09/2012 5:45 pm
AAAHHHHHHHHH I misread your comment. I didn't realize you did it at 1 so it made it seem like you posted it today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!
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