Hey there!!! Since I have the extra time, I've decided to tell you guys more about myself, so here it is!!!

1) I'm an online game fanatic.
2) I think that candy and sweets are irresistible. (Who doesn't?)
3) I am totally into sports. (Yes, I am a tomboy. Or at least tomboy esque.)
4) I live in Florida!!!!
5) I've been described as weird, quirky, and approachable, all of which are pluses for me!
6) I am one who understands the dark in one's light, and vice versa. Though I convey a bright spirit, my life can sometimes turn dim and gray in a split second. That was a bit grim wasn't it? Sorry, but I just do things like that sometimes...
7) I love to eat, and cook and the like. (I hope to be chef in the future.)
8.* If being a chef doesn't work out, I'd like to be a teacher, regardless of the low pay.
9) I am, and have been facinated by the French lifestyle for a while, and have had thoughts of vacationing there when I get older.
10) I watch wrestling every Monday, (RAW), Thursday, (WWE Superstars, and sometimes TNA for the hell of it.), and Friday, (SmackDown).
11) When posed with the question "Why do you watch wrestling, you know it's fake, right?" I always say "We all know that movies are fake, but we still watch them, right?"
12) Why do I not have that many friends? Because I don't just go around friending people willy nilly. If you make no effort to get to know me, I will make no effort to friend you. Call me solitary, call me a recluse, call me whatever. I'll probably agree with you. wink
13) If I do not feel like getting to know you, please don't take it that hard. Nine times out of ten, I'm gonna have a personality crash with you. Or just not like you. wink
14) I am very rarely in the forums. I just don't like 'em. My main mode of communication on here is Personal Messaging. A few months ago, I would have said the rally, but that's gone to hell.

There's plenty more that I could talk about, but not right now. Soooo... Ciao!

*If I put a parenthesis here, an emoticon shows. No emoticon for you!!!!

Oh, and let it be known that on my playlist, "I made it" by Kevin Rudolf does NOT really sound that high pitched. I just couldn't find a normal version of the song. The same can be said for "I'm Coming Home" by Diddy Dirty Money. Go listen to the actual versions!!!


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600k for Clock-worked Oliver?
It's a bit inflated right now. gonk

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THANK YOU!! ninja

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Thanks for buying!! ^-^

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Thank you so much for your purchase. c:

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same here. going to the corn maze on friday.

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hey feircekitty! whats up?

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so u did... what now? rofl

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i like one of the posts on your pro.
the one about god.
Liz Shnieder

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Liz Shnieder

thnx 4 ur purchase (:

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copy this to 5 profiles you will get 1,000,0000,000g it works im so rich!!!!!!!



I REALLY want this avatar!
I'm not forcing you guys to help...
Just urging you!