The previous owner of this account no longer exist. So my name is Onyx_Toast I'm 14 and have many better things to do than sit around at the computer all day, but nothing is stopping me for doing it. =P

I'm a freakin GENIUS! Mwhaha >D I like to type!

Basket ball-- All until I was about 12 I played for wsisd (White Settlement Independent School District). I was good there, like real good. In fACT the last season I played of WSISD basketball, I had a total of 90 points the whole 10 game season... which is pretty kick ass for a 12 year-old, eh?
In 7th grade I played at Brewer and I literally sucked hardcore ass. I was put on A-team and averaged about 1 point a game and 2 rebounds. That's horrible! So I went out that year going "I give up I'm just doing band.." But then we moved to KISD (no your buiseness you Sex offenders) I got another chance. That year I started on B-team and man I was like amazing! Averaging about 10 points a game and I don't know how many rebounds. Around January 30, 2oo7 I got moved up to A-Team for the tournaments. We did good in those. So as a result to this I'm now on a semi-select team. And it's pretty cool
Um... well I play the trombone, which is the thingy with the slide... ANd well I'm pretty kick ass at it. like last week I was at band camp and I got a scholarship to next years band camop cause I was so damn good xD. So yeah in August I officially start Marching band... xD and It sucks... cause I really don't like band that much anymore....
I mean I can play Smoke on the water and the begining piano part for Welcome to the black Parade by MCR but that's about it. But My bass skills... man they off the Heezy for reallz! xD Yeah so if you lookin for a bass player and you live near Dallas, Texas PM me and I give you my nimbah! xD I'm just missin the bass... xD

That's about it till I think of more....


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SpiritWildLife Report | 04/07/2009 1:38 pm
happy birthday
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Kitsune Of Curiosity Report | 11/16/2007 6:13 pm
Kitsune Of Curiosity
try this out! send this to at least 10 people then press f5 then you will get 10,000 gold
punk-rocker-girl-Ellie Report | 09/19/2007 3:38 pm
love ya chelsea lol
LittleDarkOne Report | 09/06/2007 12:36 pm
Hiya ^^
bakanu Report | 08/11/2007 12:33 am
I got a new computer, pm me sometime.
Fresh_Prince12 Report | 07/07/2007 8:40 pm
0_o you're still goin online..0_o
lazyskater Report | 07/03/2007 1:12 am
Nice page
Fresh_Prince12 Report | 06/21/2007 9:47 pm
hey 0_o you were on yesterday. i thought you quit..?
uriebutt Report | 06/03/2007 7:04 pm


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