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It won't stay forever
Forever is too long
Eternal it is not

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Probably Smoking Report | 05/21/2017 8:24 am
gaia_nitemareleft gaia_nitemareright
prostthetiic Report | 02/20/2017 7:37 pm
I don't remember you either, it's all good. haha. Last time we spoke apparently, was 6 years ago! lol
That's good though. Glad you're enjoying life smile
prostthetiic Report | 02/20/2017 7:10 pm
Hello! Visiting old "friends." Went through the comments to see old conversations I used to have with people!
How is life? emotion_yatta
YeogiJJang Report | 12/19/2016 7:46 am
you´re welcome hubby emotion_kirakira
YeogiJJang Report | 09/18/2016 10:40 am
BAEEEEE emotion_kirakira heart heart
turtlehomicide Report | 05/11/2016 9:21 pm
S'cuse me sir, but I have 1386gcash left and was hoping to offer it for your listed panda slippers, thx
YeogiJJang Report | 04/12/2016 5:00 am
Awhhhhhh that's sweet heart
YeogiJJang Report | 04/04/2016 5:28 am
OMG xD you're old, then..........what am I? XD HAHAHAHAHA xd
YeogiJJang Report | 03/19/2016 3:14 am
Fantastic bae heart
And yours? 3nodding
YeogiJJang Report | 03/15/2016 12:25 pm
HEYYYY MY HUBBY heart heart emotion_kirakira