All about Oni.

gaia_nitemareleft Yo. I'm Oni / Frost gaia_nitemareright

Stuff about me:
Favorite colors : Black, red, purple, white, navy
Favorite movie: Rocky Horror Picture Show
Favorite book : Interview with the Vampire
Favorite (Gaia) style : Swaps between Rainbows and "Goth"
Hobbies : Videogames, reading, art, writing, youtube Let's Plays


Corpse Party, Fatal Frame (Project Zero), Lone Survivor, along with other horror games are currently my favorite.

I also play : They Bleed Pixels, Skyrim, Dragon Age, Harvest Moon / Rune Factory, Legend of Zelda, Terraria, Amnesia : The Dark Decent, Alice: Madness Returns, ect...


I like manga and anime, and cosplay.
Newest cosplay : Ein / Eren / Phantom from Phantom :Requiem for the Phantom (Phantom of Inferno).


(might add more here later)