~Name: Natey (Nathan).~

~Age: 19.~

~Sexuality: Faggedy.~

~Height: 6 foot, 3 inches.~

~Location: Minnesota.~

~I work at Presbyterian Family Foundation (I work with adults who have intellectual disabilities).~

~Relationship Status: I suck at dating.~

~I'm a college student boiiii.~

~Favorite color: Eggs.~

~Favorite rapper: Lady Gaga, she spits fire.~

~Ask for my address so you can mail me bleach.~

~I'll send you n***s for corn-chips.~

~I'm literal ******** garbage.~

~Don't even try to roast me, I'm already so burnt from my own roastings.~

~Biggest c**t you'll ever meet.~

~My body is really gross.~

~People who constantly need to be in a relationship in order to be happy really need to jump off a cliff.~

~My last account "Literal Gaybage" was permanently banned because I made a troll forum post asking for n***s.~