Gonna slowly edit this s**t...

I'm Vee...
I'm not gonna bother putting my age here because I edit this so infrequently...

I consider myself an artist, though I can't stick to a format long enough to really get good at it.
I question the whole gender thing, it was easier before I bothered, but now that I have it's tough to look at things the same way.
Same goes for religion... Though one could really say that personally I'm an apathist, though contrary to that, I always have a curiosity about how other people view the world and thus religion is an interesting topic if people are comfortable with me asking awkward questions about their beliefs.

What do I even put in here?


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Just popping by to say: "Hey hun! How have you been?" and to drool an Atlantic Ocean worth of saliva all over your avi.
The Tritagonist

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The Tritagonist

I love it! Your vocals are reminding me of a bit of a gruffer Aurelio Voltaire. That's awesome, and I love the lyrics too! Consider me a fan. heart

Also, happy birthday, Vee!
An U-N Owen Factor

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An U-N Owen Factor

Yeah, blocking in WG does tend to ruin the point of the forum in the first place. I try not to block anyone period, and so far i've only blocked one person in WG. Getting blocked by other people is also a pain, especially if they're the creator of one of your favourite threads. But hey, what can you do? Best to let bygones be bygones. ┐(‘~`;)┌
An U-N Owen Factor

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An U-N Owen Factor

That's a good idea also. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
An U-N Owen Factor

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An U-N Owen Factor

Hey Vee? Can you skip over penny in the Say Something Nice About the AAY thread please? I've had her on block for months now, but she still continues to post under me, especially in that thread and the Headcanon thread, which she knows I frequent.
The Tritagonist

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The Tritagonist

Haha, sure thing! No rush, honestly, I of all people know what a pain in the a** it is to produce enough stuff to compile.
Good luck, lemme know when you have something and I'll listen to it with open arms. Er, ears. But you get the point. lol
The Tritagonist

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The Tritagonist

Ah, that's a good point. Been a problem of mine, too, tbh. Vocaroo tends to delete things after a while. I used to use SoundCloud but it has gone to hell as of late. Bandcamp might be something, though I find that unlike SoundCloud or Vocaroo it's really geared more towards those who want to sell music than just compile it. (That said, if you want to, go for it--I only said that to give you an idea of what its interface does.) Good old web/cloud hosting might be the best solution, though you'd need to make a site yourself to play the music.
The Tritagonist

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The Tritagonist

Ah. But you do record them, right? I think that's close enough. xd

Anyway, I'd understand if you'd rather not, just saying that if you did I'd be all ears.
The Tritagonist

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The Tritagonist


WOW. That is super cool. You've got a knack for songwriting for sure.
You plan on compiling all of those songs of yours? That's something I'd love to hear.
The Tritagonist

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The Tritagonist

Why thank you! I love Jack Black. I'm taking that as a compliment. emotion_yatta

I been lurking in the thread forever, your recordings are great.
I couldn't find the first one you did by its lyrics. What song was that one, or is it also something you wrote on your own?


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