Yo! I'm Onaku, if you haven't guessed. I'm not gonna tell you my real name though because if I did that what would be the point in avi names, right? I will tell ya I'm fourteen though. I'm a high school freshman and an anime freak. <(^_^)> Kirby is the Shiz-nit
I'm an E.P.G. Which means Emo.Punk.Goth. I'm a mix of the three so if you don't like people like that then you wouldn't like me. My interests vary to almost anything so I get along with most people. If ya want to be friends pm or comment and I'll get back to you. Either way it's your choice.

This is my Nobody and basically my Twin and Yaoi friend Ukano Uchiha!
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Fear her awsomeness and fear Organization XIII! The power of the Nobodies rule all!! Also fear the Akatsuki cuz their awsome.

Well, this is Onaku and see ya!

Organization XIII
They Rule!


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Yo! Onaku!
Sweet pro! Akatsuki rulez!
onaku uchiha

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onaku uchiha