Things unravel
and some times you discover
that these things were never really tied
all that tight in the first place.
I believe in pain, I think it's the only
real concept that I and everyone else
can really learn from.
To push people with it and cause them
to strive for something better then such a damnable fate.
To adapt we learn and better ourselves
so we take it 24 hours at a time
and drink the poison.
Let our lashings bleed but regret not
because they remind us
That I am not weak, I am simply a fool.
A fool of the moment.
Everything else is bullshit.
Everything else is a facade.
Trash them, they're garbage
or perish a ******** head.
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Its Tifa Report | 01/24/2019 8:25 pm
Its Tifa
I know, it's been a long time. Life is life, but I'm doing alright for the most part~!
How are You?
Coffee Cake N Tea Report | 01/09/2019 6:08 pm
Coffee Cake N Tea
hi hi, i messaged you.
Its Tifa Report | 10/25/2018 1:03 pm
Its Tifa
Sir... are you okay?
Coffee Cake N Tea Report | 10/08/2018 1:20 am
Coffee Cake N Tea
its sushiinthesun, what up?!
Teacakes with Coffee Report | 08/22/2018 6:44 pm
Teacakes with Coffee
enO sollerT Report | 04/07/2018 8:36 pm
enO sollerT
Teacakes with Coffee Report | 09/15/2016 12:03 am
Teacakes with Coffee
Wow, has it really been that long? I still remember running the rallies with Sushi sad
Teacakes with Coffee Report | 09/13/2016 6:48 pm
Teacakes with Coffee
Youre actually alive! Its been foreverrrrrr
Frown Town Report | 07/21/2016 12:00 am
Frown Town
Eh, I check back every once in awhile, been busy with streaming.
Scary Stories Report | 07/03/2013 12:23 pm
Scary Stories
Your profile is ******** awesome! Did you make it?

levelamy on 06/10/2019



Rest in peace Captain Badass