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jernal? ha

. . . so BAMMM. ---v

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Never Shout Never
Blood On The Dance Floor
Far East Movement
Mayday Parade
All Time Low
The Kooks
The Beatles
Stephen Jerzak

Blahhh. hehe.

Hi there. lol. yuuup. i don't know what to write. Stuff about me? okay then. . .

-I am reaaaaally weird! . . . And awkward, crazy, stupid, and difficult.
-I love music. Seriously, I do.
-Christofer Drew Ingle is the best. I want to meet him more than anyone.
-I wanna be an author. shh.
-I am very sarcastic.
-I still believe in God and all those good people.
-My hair straightener burns me almost every time I use it.(About Everyday)
-I, tragically, have split ends, but I won't cut my hair 'cause I'm growing it out.
-I definitely am a California girl. Hahaha.
-I'm filipino, hispanic, white.
-I don't have favorites, because my opinions always change.
-Therefore, I am very opinionated.
-I get nervous very easily.
-Oldies are great. Most of them at least.
-Music is, like, the best thing ever.

Yes, that's me. Well, at least that is just some part of me.