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Wow. I drew that a while ago. It's not even on my computer anymore... it's that old. (Can you tell I haven't been on in a while? Oh Gawd, I was girly.)

-Yes. I am a girl.

-I am 17.

-I am a senior in High School (yay.)

-I love all things Japanese. Yes. Even that. I spent three years of my WHOLE LIFE studying the language... and I'm sad that I won't be able to this year. sad Well- at least I'm going to Japan next Summer.

- My favorite anime is DNAngel. My favorite manga is Skip Beat. It's seriously the only manga that I can read 100 chapters of and not get bored.

-I liek mudkipz.

-Uh.. my name is Rebecca, Becky, Becca... whatever xD I'll go by pretty much anything. One of my closer friends called me Lauren for a week when we first met. (She honestly thought that was my name... and she still thinks I look like one. :/ )

- I use a LOT of smileys while typing... but I'm mainly expressionless when I type them. So... don't get too excited or hopeful or whatever. (I don't know)

- I am out to destroy McDonald's with some of my friends... (I am the President of our Anti-McDonald's Club. Greetings comrade, may life be prosperous without McDonald's.) I'm sad that we never had an actual meeting though. :/ Whatever.

- I'm also the secretary of my school's Japan club. Whee~ c:

-I laugh a lot. well. irl. It takes a lot to make me laugh if you're talking to me through the internet.

-I am terrible at writing about myself (mainly why my journal sucks! >_< wink

So uh. I dunno what to say... So uh... bye.


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haro haro~ *pokes* I decided to randomly go through other people's profile then I saw the ost of gakuen alice on yours. Loved dat show...XD gotta read the manga so awesome. But very slow to update...=A="

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you know i get on a lot so i have a lot of money. razz to buy stuff with.

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How many times can I break 'til I shatter~ o/`

:/ "Shattered" by O.A.R. is still stuck in my head.

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thank you for the friend request! :3
i love your media!
yayoi sato

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yayoi sato

thank you. rofl
yayoi sato

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yayoi sato

omg i love ur profile!!! and the anime thats the theme music for it XD
i S c r i b b l e

Report | 07/10/2010 10:04 am

i S c r i b b l e

Lololol. Harro, Becky.

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I like cupcakes!
Author Illustrations

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Author Illustrations

lulz, yeah, I hate it when my computer does that.

My computer likes to pull pranks on me >.>

[Sorry for the late reply]

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dodododo dododododododododoo *singing the music in her video*


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