G'day people! Just call me Oliw. I hope you are all fine and well. xd

biggrin One Piece taught me about friendship and to never give up chasing my dreams!
biggrin I always try to be cheerful and can be very high sometimes.
biggrin I'd rather avoid public speaking whenever possible, however I don't like it when people don't listen to me. I prefer to do things my own way.
biggrin I like peace and quiet, so I like classical music and dislike rock and roll.
biggrin I don't understand how and why the universe exists. To me the world is a reeaaally interesting place!
biggrin I always question what life is about. My best answer currently is: Life is about having fun!
Is it true?

"No matter how long it takes, if you keep moving, one step at a time, you will reach the finish line... wink "


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Some Words From The 'Little Voice' In My Head...

No limit on the content really. Just some extracts from my current thoughts.



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Jez Rae

Report | 01/02/2014 2:45 pm

Jez Rae

Me!? 3nodding sweatdrop eek

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Lol xD Don't worry!~ We really do know who might win this since it's starting to be a race to the finish. > u <

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> u < Well, likewise!!! Lol~
So how's the battle going? :3

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-harass- o u o You seem like a very nice person so I wanted to give you love! -hugs- :3

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xp Your profile needed a new comment