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Olen, also known as "The Seeker" - a chronomancer, who has made his way through time to cheat Death and undeath itself in the name of love. For his act of heresy against the chief deity of his people, forsaking the brutal dynasty he once was part of and commiting crimes against the laws of time and space itself, he is now a fugitive.

During his chase across realities by his enemies, Olen has handed the torch of his quest to version after version of himself. He eventually decided to stop running, and to fight back: an action which dragged him into the Doctor's path when he was forced into conflict with the Time Agency who'd been alerted to disturbances in the continuum of several timelines.

At some point (it is not known when) Olen "convinced" a rogue TARDIS to help him in his quest. He also remains in possession of other articles of note, including a Vortex Manipulator, Sonic Weaponry including a Screwdriver and most shockingly, The Master's ring.

Though often drawn into conflict with the Doctor, Olen has insisted throughout their relationship that every action he undertakes is for the Doctor's benefit as well as his own. Indeed, Time Agents believe the TARDIS Olen occasionally summons once belonged to a version of the Doctor that was killed in action, though this has never been verified.

Olen first appeared, and is more closely linked, to the journalist Sarah-Jane Smith, a former companion of the Doctor's. She was aware of some kind of confrontation between Gallowglass and The Master. Prior to his outlaw status, he had approached Smith, asking for the Doctor's assistance. When he refused, Olen took the answer with uncharacteristic humility and pragmatism - an illusion that was later shattered when he appeared with time-distorting technology taken from the foes and allies of the Doctor.

Nobody quite knows exactly what is behind Olen's quest across time and space, but the chaos and disorder wrought in his wake is often counterbalanced by the benevolence of his actions.

Olen says he just wants to go home... and that "Home is where the heart is..."



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Sarah-J-Smith Report | 11/19/2013 10:34 pm
Sarah Jane had been invited to a party for an interview with the newest CEO of a law firm that only took special cases that sounded out of this world. Wondering if he was an alien, she went to the party alone much to the protest of her teenage group. This was just a strict adults only party to welcome him and no trouble was going to happen. Boy, was she wrong... Dressed in a purple and white full-length silk gown chosen by the girls of her group that was strapless and curve-hugging on the top half and billowed out from her mid-thigh down along with white elbow-length silk gloves and her hair up in a short presentable bun, she felt like a fish out of water not being in her usual attire. She wandered around, seeing a few people give her dirty looks as they recognized her and some with curious glances as she tried to find the CEO to get her interview and leave. An amulet of sorts was dropped on the floor near her when she bumped into the CEO by accident. "Excuse me, Sir!" she called before noticing the amulet. As soon as she picked it up to give it back to him, that was when it happened. She was sucked into the nearest full-length mirror where on the other side was a dark gothic bedroom with purple candles floating around the room and a view of a dark red and black sky coming from the windows! Looking around, she realized something was around her neck and found it was the amulet that was dropped! Looking back towards the mirror, there was a flash of light and the party was gone from her sight and nothingness seemed to float in the reflection in its place.

Digging out her Sonic Lipstick from her clutch purse, she tried to scan the area to figure out where she was. What came back was just another dimension that luckily had oxygen for her to breathe. *Oh this is wonderful!* she inwardly groaned. While trying to figure out how to get out of her predicament, Sarah Jane noticed a reflection on the marble floor. Looking closer, she realized it was Olen, the time traveler that she bumped into from time to time in the past! "Olen! Can you hear me?" She took his new outfit into regard, seeing that he couldn't see her. She saw a TARDIS materialize near him and the wistful look before he headed towards it. Grabbing her Sonic Lipstick once more, she used it to try and get his TARDIS' attention to check things out and possibly save her. When it disappeared, she waited a long moment before stopping. Sighing, she put the lipstick away in her clutch and sat on the marble floor. "How am I going to get out of this one? The others were right... I shouldn't have gone to that party alone."
Ashi Hyo Report | 07/06/2013 11:19 pm
We really need to chat in towns or skype, i hate this message crap when i dont have to use it xD
But i do understand what you're saying :3
Ashi Hyo Report | 07/06/2013 10:53 pm
She grinned. "Make it so, I would love to learn about you and this... war."
Ashi Hyo Report | 07/06/2013 10:20 pm
She would smile, as her tail flicked mildly in the air. "Thank you Sir.
If you need any other bargains, just ask," She said before she put the gold away.
Sarah-J-Smith Report | 05/23/2013 9:38 am
Sarah Jane smiled brightly after a couple of minutes, turning towards Olen as the Doctor picked up the phone. "Doctor! Are you busy at the moment?" Laser fire could be heard from their end. "Okay, maybe you are." Some shouting from him could be heard. "Doctor, I need to ask you a question!" The fighting on the other end quieted down as she heard him run off to the side. "I have a friend of mine who is a chronomancer and-" She was cut off as she heard him go off on a tangent. "Doctor!" He quieted down as she heard him apologize for the rant he went on before pacing as he talked to her. "So you knew- Wait, of course you knew I was going to call. Wibbly wobbly..." She smiled as she heard him finish the saying and then stopped pacing, looking to Olen and becoming serious. "I do trust him as he has helped me a few times in the past when I've been sucked into his universe." She stared into Olen's eyes for a long moment before blushing a little and turning away, not meaning to stare. "No, of course, I understand. Be careful and I'll see you soon!"

She hung up the phone and shook her head to Olen. "Unless he's present while you look around the inside of the TARDIS, I cannot allow you to go in there... I'm sorry."
Sarah-J-Smith Report | 05/22/2013 11:58 am
Sarah smiled and nodded in greeting to Olen before her smile faded some. "I'm so sorry to hear that," she said sadly at the news of Ulwin, not having had the time to talk with Olen about much else besides when either one of them was in trouble in the past. "The Northlands, you say? Well, I hope you have a safe journey-" She cut herself short when she noticed that Olen had more to say. She listened to his words before biting her bottom lip softly in nervous thought and eyeing the TARDIS herself.

"Inspect the TARDIS for anything you could use against foes in the future? I don't know, Olen... I'm just watching the TARDIS for The Doctor while he's running about. I mean, I do have a key to get into her in case of emergencies, but I don't think he or she would approve of anyone they wouldn't know looking around and inspecting things." She turned back to Olen with an apologetic look. "Don't get me wrong, now. You've helped me get back to Earth so many times before in the past. We keep running into each other like Fate intends us to do more so than helping each other out of bad situations... You helping me more than me helping you at times. I do trust you to an extent as we don't know each other all that well yet. But, The Doctor is my best friend in all universes and I don't wish to betray that friendship without first asking him if it's all right for you to come onto the TARDIS and try to find something useful for your future endeavors."

She paced back and forth for a few long moments before stopping and looking to him as she pulled out her cell phone. "Let me try to call him as I know he has a cell phone in his deep pockets for emergencies and make sure it's all right." She chose a number from her speed dial and pressed it, bringing her mobile up to her ear. The Doctor was kind enough to update her phone to have universal and time roaming to call no matter what place or time she was in.
Sarah-J-Smith Report | 09/02/2012 1:10 pm
She watched Olen change outfits, nodding. "I should be all right..." A portal appeared nearby with calls of her name from the teens. "See? I knew it would work out, especially since this is the realm we meet in all the time." She smiled and patted Olen's shoulder. "Wish I could help with finding your cousin though. But I don't know how much help I would be..." She looked back towards the portal, hearing the others calling out for her. "I'm coming!" She yelled through before looking back to Olen. "Are you sure you don't need me to stay and help you?"
Sarah-J-Smith Report | 08/25/2012 10:28 am
Sarah Jane listened to Olen, slowly nodding. "Yes, I think something happened in the world of dreams but I think it's been resolved now." She looked back to the hand mirror, seeing that it was just a plain silver hand mirror now. "The teens and I were told that a house a few towns over from where we lived was haunted and had an attic full of rare items. We went to said house, I found the hand mirror while the teens found a full-length mirror that seemed to transport me to a ball that was happening somewhere. I looked into the hand mirror just as a lady made of glass came and blamed those at the ball for not sleeping as much and the world of dreams dying... and that's all I can remember until just now when I saw you. Oh I do hope the teens aren't worrying about me too much." She looked to Olen with worry in her eyes. "Isn't that your cousin? You still haven't found him anywhere? This isn't good at all..."
Sarah-J-Smith Report | 08/22/2012 12:49 pm
((sorry for the late reply! Been busy and such and had the avatar up for the Gaia Ball))

Even though the threat and power levels of Olen was enough to scare the fairy that possessed Sarah Jane, as soon as everything was well in the world of dreams, the spirit of the fairy traveled back into the broken hand mirror where the item then repaired itself as good as new. The fairy had traveled out of the mirror in its fury to find help to repair the world of dreams but now that the world seemed to have helped in that situation, there was no need to possess this poor soul anymore. Sarah Jane fell to her knees and shook her head as if to clear the fogginess of her thoughts. "O-Olen?" She looked up to him and smiled lightly. "What happened?" She looked towards the mirror and saw the image of a beautiful silver and blue female fairy wave happily to her before flying away, the image vanishing and all power that had radiated from the mirror vanishing along with it. "That was odd..." She slowly got up to her feet and smiled some. "So what did I miss?"
Sarah-J-Smith Report | 07/12/2012 6:16 pm
*wanders through the portal, looking around before seeing him and walking over to him* So any word about your cousin and his men since dealing with the Master?

((And hello hello how've you been?))


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